HORROR: Man screams in pain & jumps out of bed after girlfriend poured boiling water on his manhood


LERATO couldn’t find a way to make his girlfriend believe he wasn’t cheating.

And she was prepared to burn his pen_is with a mixture of boiling water and cooking oil while he was sleeping.

But God blocked her from destroying my 4-5!” said Lerato.

It seems the girlfriend of Lerato Sekopane (33) from Tembisa, Ekurhuleni was convinced that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

And she wanted to teach him a lesson and burn that very same 4-5 which apparently made him sleep around.

With revenge in her heart, she boiled fish oil and water and while he was asleep, she poured the boiling liquid over him.

Luckily she missed his 4-5.

Lerato screamed in pain and jumped out of the bed. For a second time the girlfriend tried to burn him, but he managed to duck and ran for his life.

The injured Lerato could only watch from a distance as his angry girlfriend (33) took a hammer and broke the windows and lights of his VW Golf 5.

He was rushed to hospital for treatment.

The cops are now looking for the woman, who has disappeared.

Lerato is recovering at home after spending days in hospital.

Lerato, who has bandages on both his legs, said his girlfriend has been vowing to teach him a lesson but he never thought she could go this far. He said his girlfriend always accused him of cheating.

“No matter how hard I tried to show her that I loved only her, she was always insecure,” he said.

Lerato said the problem started after he came back from a funeral in Limpopo last weekend.

“She told me she heard her friends telling her that I was with someone.

“It wasn’t true, but I haven’t been able to convince her that she shouldn’t listen to her friends. Now she does this!” he said.

Lerato said he has been with the woman for about five years.

“I’m usually with her but the moment I go out it, means I’m going to cheat.”

Captain Manyadza Ralidzivha of Tembisa cop shop said a case of attempted murder and malicious damage to property were opened, and cops are looking for the suspect.

— DailySun

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