Muchehiwa’s abduction: Plot to cause havoc in Zim exposed in leaked audio, Chamisa’s MDC in trouble


A LEAKED audio recording of a top MDC-Alliance official reveals stunning details of how the opposition party planned a wave of terror that involved burning Government buildings and faking abductions to cover up the subversive plots.

The audio recording, whose voice is attributed to that of MDC-A Bulawayo province women’s assembly chairperson, Tendai Masotsha, is heard incriminating the MDC-A in fake abductions as well as other terrorist acts.

Several MDC-A officials confirmed the authenticity of the audio attributed to Masotsha. In the audio, Masotsha is heard saying that political activist Tawanda Muchehiwa confided in her of a plan to bomb Government buildings prior to the alleged abduction.

“I, Tendai Masotsha, would like to say unless they want the whole family to be in soup, if they corner me I will reveal everything that Tawanda wanted to do on that fateful day.

“Tawanda told me that he had 20 people who were waiting for instruction to burn Government buildings. Tawanda received money to buy explosives to burn down those buildings.

“Amongst those 20 people, I did not see them (the 20 people), he was telling me that they were ready and he was pushing me to find a safe house and convince the Chief to buy them food while they were carrying out their activities,” she said.

Daring the MDC-A top hierarchy, Masotsha, whose cellphone was not available yesterday, threatened to spill the beans if the party went ahead and expelled her from her current post.

“Unless if they want me to go public and tell the world that I was also afraid of what I was being asked to do, Tawanda knows that he wanted to burn Government buildings. I told (Jameson) Timba that if they continued to harass me, I am going to expose everything. If I am coming out, I am going to tell the world what Tawanda wanted to do. I don’t know how he got caught, maybe among the 20 people (there was an informant), he said there were some people who had guns and I couldn’t go along with him, I didn’t see those people, maybe they were foreigners,” she added.

This comes as the country’s security arms have exposed how rogue elements, who include the MDC-A and the G40, have been conniving with hostile Western nations to smuggle guns and set up so-called Democratic Resistance Committees to destroy the democratic foundations of Zimbabwe.

Although it is not clear when the audio was recorded, a committee that was chaired by the MDC-A secretary for presidential affairs Jameson Timba absolves Masotsha of any wrongdoing, apparently, after getting wind that she would spill salacious details of what was being planned behind the scenes.

In his response on Twitter to the allegations levelled against him in the audio, Tawanda Muchehiwa said “Tendai Masotsha sounds exactly like my abductors when they were torturing me. That she claims I told her of these plots further suggests she was the source of that fake intel. That conversation never happened. Only sit-down was in a car with Dr William Gwazemba.”

Muchehiwa did not deny that the two were in contact prior to the alleged abduction.

Dr Gwazemba on Twitter also pointed an accusing finger at the MDC-A ,saying the party should come clean on the alleged abduction of Muchehiwa.

On his part Timba, who chaired the committee that exonerated Masotsha, said he did not have a comment on the matter, while some known MDC-A apologists warned that the audio could open a can of worms with far-reaching ramifications for the party that has a propensity to fake abductions and engage in violent demonstrations.

Reacting to the shocking audio, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana said the revelations are grave.

“We are talking of very serious allegations of terrorism here. This is not the Zimbabwe we want. This is not how democratic disputations should happen. An unlawful use of violence against property to intimidate or coerce Government is a crime never to be tolerated,” he said.

Since the turn of the millennium, the country has been under attack from Western countries that have passed illegal economic sanctions as a response to the Land Reform Programme initiated to correct colonial imbalances.

In their push for an illegal regime change agenda, Western nations, who will never forgive Zimbabwe for the Land Reform Programme, have roped in the opposition to push its anti-Zimbabwe agenda.

— Herald

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