Meet Lotto Zambia – the most popular lottery in our region


Lotto Zambia is an officially played lottery that operates under GG International Ltd. It also has a certification awarded by Gaming Laboratories International so that the interest of both players and the game operator is not at risk.

Lotto Zambia is regarded as the first official and licensed online lottery that permits you to play from the comfort of your own place. With the help of an internet connection and a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop, you can play your favorite lottery games and win an exciting cash prize.

Lotto Zambia Game Rules

There are no hard and fast rules play the lottery game, and this is the reason why most people are interested in trying their luck in Lotto Zambia. You need to select the lottery from the Lotto Zambia offer, open your account at the website, and you can take part in the draws. Yes, you can play also in Zimbabwe.

Types of Lotto Zambia

There are a total of 3 types of Lotto Zambia lotteries in which you can try your luck. If you are a risk-taker and love gambling, you can choose any of the three types of lottery and play online.

  1. GG World X Lottery

This lottery is considered the most convenient and user-friendly lottery you can easily play from the comfort of your home. According to the rules of this lottery, you need to select 5 main numbers ranging between 1 to 50 and two additional numbers from a list of 1 to 12 range. Either choose the numbers yourself or take the help of the quick pick tool which will generate automatically some random numbers for you. You can win up to 10 000 00 $.

  1. GG World Million Lottery 

All the rules of playing this lottery are exactly similar to GG World X Lottery. The minimum jackpot price which you can win through the best lottery is 1 000 000 $.

In case no one is able to pick the correct numbers, the amount of jackpot gets trolled over to the coming draw, and the amount of jackpot grows.

  1. GG World Keno

In this gambling game, the players need to pick 1-10 numbers ranging between 1 to 70. You have the opportunity to select the numbers yourself or take the help of the QP tool that will pick the number on your behalf. Fortunately, the draw takes place every 4 minutes, and a total of 20 numbers are drawn. In case the numbers are drawn to the numbers you picked, your is with you, and you win a huge amount. There’s a way to set a multiplier of up to 10x to upsurge the number of prizes.

Advantages of Playing Lotto Zambia online

    • You can play Lotto Zambia from the comfort of your home on your mobile phones, laptop, or desktop.
    • Lotto Zambia is an official, and licensed lottery game chances of winning are more because of the fairness.
    • To get all the information regarding the draws, prizes, and jackpot visit the official website.
    • You can easily rely on all the transactions with respect to your deposit and withdrawals. By using credit cards, debit cards, or any other electronic medium, can deposit and withdraw cash.
  • The amount of price gets credited to your account automatically provided you win up to an amount of K3000.

How To Start Playing The Lotto Zambia? 

You can start playing the lottery game by following 4 simple steps. Playing the online lottery and winning huge cash money is as easy as registering yourself into any regular membership.

Step1: Register yourself by filling in basic details. If already registered, login into your account.

Step 2: Select your numbers (choose any five random numbers and 2 GG numbers to try your luck)

Step 3: Place an order and pay for the ticket you have created that includes your lucky numbers

Step 4: Check the result of lucky draws on the official website – click here to check Zambian lotto results for today.


With the increasing craze of gambling among youth, options of playing it fairly have also increased. Lotto Zambia is a trusted online lottery platform where you can try your luck to win a huge amount of prizes and jackpots. Considering all the merits of playing this game, we recapitulate that it is a worth playing game. However, make sure you have gone through the lottery rules and regulations properly before paying for your ticket.

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