CHACHAYA: Black Elisha who uses padlock to unlock marriages, jobs and money targets fake prophets

Prophet Black Elisha

OVER past few months self-proclaimed prophet Mduduzi Dube warmly known as Black Elisha has grown popular for his unique and rather unconventional method of deliverance and healing.

With many clergymen using the same tedious “anointing oil” to heal and deliver, Black Elisha, who is the founder and leader of the Christ Life Generation Church, says God bestowed upon him the power to use padlocks to heal and unlock people’s fate.

The spiritual padlock, which he says can be used for anything, is mostly common among married couples and of late business people, who say keeps their riches at bay from thieves.

“God gave it to me as a revelation to change people’s lives using the spiritual padlock. As you know a padlock is used for locking and unlocking. The spiritual padlock can be used for anything, whether it is preventing your partner from cheating, unlocking business potential, fighting spiritual battles, unlocking finances, businesses and even getting jobs,” he said.

Black Elisha’s spiritual padlock has for the better part of 2020, saw an influx of people flooding his house to seek divine intervention on their cheating spouses and partners.

He hinted that he would soon be marketing special padlocks that are engraved with biblical scriptures.

“I am planning on popularizing the spiritual padlock further. I am in the process of procuring padlocks that would be engraved with biblical scriptures and verses. I know that many men and women of God prefer using anointing oils and that is their spiritual calling mine is different and has worked wonders for many through the grace of God,” he said.

Black Elisha, who has seemingly stolen the spotlight from many men of God declared war upon fake pastors and prophets, saying he wanted to expose the rot and disgrace they had brought using the name of God.

Black Elisha said he would stop at nothing to achieve his mission on the cut throat religious front.

Black Elisha said on January 22, he would hold a service where he would be exposing what he called church business.

“I will be holding an online service where I will expose church business. Many pastors and prophets are in the habit of pulling wool over people’s eyes and enrich themselves at the expense of unsuspecting and desperate for aid individuals.

Some even go to the extent of engaging in adulter0us relationships and fornicati0n. This has to stop.

Many on the other hand have dismissed him as fake and a loud mouth but this has seen him standing his ground.

“They say so because they lack biblical counseling and intelligence. As I stated previously, I will be opening a school of prophets that seeks to nurture them into spiritually gifted and mature clerics. This service I am scheduled to hold is not entirely to expose churches and their leaders. We want to work on church business as we praise and worship. We want to win souls,” he said.

— Chronicle

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