Prophet Black Elisha who unlocks marriages, jobs and money explains how his spiritual padlock works

Prophet Black Elisha

WITH little to no introduction needed…Black Elisha has become a household name, across the country, if not parts of Africa.

Much like that of his biblical predecessor Prophet Elijah, who was regarded a healer, miracle maker, King breaker and an exulted prophet! Black Elisha has proved to be nothing less of him.

Elijah was considered to be one of ‘THE’ most important prophets in biblical scripture.

The book of Malachi prophesied Elijah’s return would herald the coming of the messiah . . . could this be it?

At the simple mention of Black Elisha’s name, cheating spouses’, occultists and even bandits’ quiver in fear to say the least.

Unlike other clergy men, Black Elisha, whose real name is Mduduzi Dube, in his words ‘fears no man but God almighty, says he is always ready to go head long spiritually to prove his worth.

“Not that I have to but I know that I have received God’s calling and I am spiritually inclined to the almighty,” he says.

Shying away from the rather tedious anointing oil and holy waters, Black Elisha’s healing is through an unconventional means… a padlock.

“This has worked wonders for many. It is tried and tested. It can be used for anything. It works in the same manner as anointing oils or holy waters, used by men of the cloth. I am not saying holy waters and anointing oils are useless but mine is different. It was through God’s calling that I used the spiritual padlock.

“It works wonders in so many ways. It gained its popularity through spouses as it prevents partners from cheating. But it can also be used to boost business, find job opportunities, protection from evil and even protect you, your business or home from thieves.

“Not so long ago a prominent woman approached me after she had a series of break ins and I prayed and presented her with a padlock. A few days later thieves that broke into her home were found meandering in the yard in the morning and were arrested. To this day she complains of nothing,” said Black Elisha, adding that he has also had visits from politicians, seeking divine intervention.

“I am no traditional healer or anything of that nature… When I lock someone, it is because he or she is unfaithful. This has nothing to do with dark powers but what is important is strengthening the institution of marriage which is one of the cornerstones of our religion. Also, I have seen how business suffers from crime and have seen the importance of praying for our business empire,” said Black Elisha.

It was in June 2020 that Black Elisha became the talk of Bulawayo when our sister paper B-Metro reported that his house had been stormed by a man that had taken exception to a spiritual lock allegedly administered on him by the youthful prophet.

His wife had sought the lock after she had grown tired of his philandering ways.

Since then, he has been on a verge of correcting human errors and ways seeking to rid the world of wickedness.

— Chronicle

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