Blood of boy (11) who was bashed to death with hammer by stepfather over $50 airtime causes chaos


RELATIVES of the 11-year-boy who was recently murdered by his stepfather over wrong denomination of airtime are demanding US$2 000 to clean blood from the house in which the boy was slain.

The late Strive Madamombe’s blood has congealed in the house and his mother Abigail Chindomu has relocated to her brother’s house in the same neighbourhood leaving one tenant at the house.

Strive was reportedly pounded by a hammer to death by his stepfather for buying $50 airtime instead of $20 in Zengeza 2 suburb of Chitungwiza.

Madamombe family reportedly demanded US$2000 from the accused stepfather Owen Nyamukachi for them to remove their son’s blood.

The late Strive Madamombe

According to the African custom the blood of a murdered person can only be cleaned by a blood relative.

Chindomu told H-Metro that the late boy’s memorial service will only be conducted after Nyamukachi family settle issues with Madamombe family.

“The house was locked and I am staying at my brother’s house since the Madamombe family is yet to settle their issues with Nyamukachi family on the cleansing of the house,” said Chindomu.

“Memorial service for my son will only be conducted upon the finalisation of the two families’ issues on removing of the blood from the house,” she said.

Nyamukachi family spokesperson Tiny Nyamukachi, 44, said they were meeting every week as a family to collect money in order to settle Madamombe demands.

“As Nyamukachi family, the blood of the boy murdered by our relative has already started to haunt us and we are now breathing fire due to the demands of the late boy’s parents,” said Nyamukachi.

“We are meeting every day to collect money demanded by Madamombe family so as to remove blood clots in the house.

“The community which used to rely on the clean water from the house has been robbed as well since the house was locked from the day of the incident.

“Chindomu was married in the Madamombe family before our brother Owen Nyamukachi married her.

“Chindomu arikutaura mashoko akaipa kumhuri yekwa Madamombe senzira yekuti varwadziwe vobva vaomesera mhuri yekwa Nyamukachi.

“There is nothing we can do nekuti chakupa chironda chati nhunzi dzikudye asi chikumbiro chedu change chiri chekuti dai vabvisa ropa remwana mumba vanhu vawana magariro; iye zvino maroja aripo haachagara zvakanaka,” said Nyamukachi.

Madamombe family could not be reached for comment as their representative’s mobile phone went unanswered.

However, one of the church leaders Apostle Stephen Mangwanya of New United Apostolic Faith Church said ‘blood cries’ while quoting scriptures on the Biblical case of Abel and his brother Cain.

Apostle Mangwanya urged the two families to resolve their issues amicably respecting God the giver of life.

“Life of people is in the blood and that blood matters before God,” said Apostle Mangwanya.

“In this case it is best to continuously engage police public relations officers for peace so as to remove the blood at the crime scene amicably.

“When Cain killed his younger brother Abel, God heard the cry of the blood from the ground leading to the cursing of Cain.

“The death of Jesus Christ on the cross cleansed everyone through the shedding of His blood and it is that blood that gives us forgiveness of sins from that day.

“People must respect the sanctity of life by not killing each other.

“We are all sinners from birth and we all make mistakes so forgiveness of sins was brought by the shedding of blood and I urge families to settle their issues amicably.

“In short I want to urge both families to settle their issues amicably by respecting God the giver of life since removing the blood from the house will never bring back lost life.

“Spirit of revenge is not of God and it leaves such people in the same footing with the one they accuse of shedding blood as well,” said Apostle Mangwanya.

A Malawian traditional healer Oman Kamwelo Banda popularly known as Sekuru Banda said traditional customs differ from each tribe urging Nyamukachi family to pay everything needed by Madamombe family as a way of appeasing the murdered spirit.

“Marudzi anosiyana siyana asi vapari vemhosva vanofanira kuchenesa dzinza ravo nekutevedza zviri kudiwa nevanenge vakanganisirwa,” said Sekuru Banda.

“If blood in the house is not much Madamombe family can just wash using water after receiving what they want from Nyamukachi family.

“But if the blood is much they must arrange to visit the grave where the boy was buried and dig a little bit and place the removed blood in that grave.

“Zvose izvi zvinofanira kuitwa mukuwirirana vachiziva vose kuti kuramwidzana hakuvabatsire uye vachiremekedza mweya wemufi kuti uzorore murugare,” said Sekuru Banda.

— HMetro

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