Goblin locks gogo’s grandkid inside a room & steals key, writes gogo’s name using dishwashing liquid


THE TWO sisters and their families live across from one another.

But that hasn’t stopped what they suspect is an overactive tokoloshe from attacking both families.


Nkele Shuping (47) and her sister Joyce (55) from Swanville on the West Rand, hope things will get better, but they’re getting worse!

They told Daily Sun they’ve been living with the tokoloshe for two weeks. When they tried to get a sangoma involved it got more angry.

Nkele said when the tokoloshe started throwing stones on top of her roof she thought it was the neighbours and called the police.

But then one of the stones landed inside her house and she realised it was a tokoloshe.

Nkele put the stone in a plastic bag to take to a sangoma, but while she was on her way the stone disappeared.

“When I went back it was near my bed,” said Nkele.

The sisters live opposite each other.

This tokoloshe started terrorising the older sister too, burning things around the house, splashing water everywhere, and stealing.

It makes two cups of coffee and makes a bed with two pillows then pees in the bathroom.

Joyce said it locked one of her grandkids inside a room on Monday and stole the key.

“We only sleep for two hours a night because we’re always up to see what damage it might have caused,” said Joyce.

“This thing wants us dead. It even wrote my name using dishwashing liquid.”

Joyce, her daughter and the grandchildren all live in fear.

She said they tried to get izangoma, one of whom wanted R30 000 and the other R4 000!

“I can’t afford this,” she said.

Joyce said they’ve tried throwing salt around the house but it makes things worse.

“Now the tokoloshe is even going to the outside room. On Tuesday morning it started burning curtains in one of the rooms,” she said.

Joyce’s daughter Cindy (32) said seeing her kids so scared is stressful.

“I just want it to end and for us to go back to our lives again,” said Cindy.

The angry tokoloshe even terrorised the SunTeam.

Said the SunGirl: “When I got inside the house I didn’t feel scared.

“As we went into one of the bedrooms I felt my blood rushing through my veins and my head felt cold, as if we’d just entered a freezer.”

Then during the interview the tokoloshe splashed powder soap all over the kitchen floor, and one of the family members called me to quickly come and see what it had just done.

“This is how they live. They’re waiting to see what stunt this tokoloshe will pull next,” said the SunGirl.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi told Daily Sun the family needs to get someone to perform ukufemba, an African exorcism which is done using a ndau ancestral spirit.

Dungamanzi said after this the evil person who’s behind this will be caught and what the family does with that information will be up to them.

“They must ensure that they perform this in both houses to avoid the possibility of it jumping to another house,” said the wise Dungamanzi.

— DailySun

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