I was with my child on our bed, I felt like someone was having s3x with me & I woke up feeling tired


SHE believes she hasn’t slept peacefully for over a month because an evil creature feeds off her chickens before poking her.

Annah Ngobeni (53) from Marikana in Soshanguve, north of Tshwane, said she knows the tokoloshe has arrived as soon as she hears the metal sheets of her shack screech, as well as loud noise from the chickens.

She said when it began a month ago, she heard a loud bang on the roof, followed by the wailing of her chickens.

“I couldn’t see anything when I went outside to check and my chickens were running around the yard in fear.

“What shocked me was that I had locked the chickens in their coop, but they were all over the yard.

“In the morning I found intestines and the heads of some of the chickens on my lawn.”

The woman said at first she thought it was a dog, but the thing came back the following day. This time she didn’t go outside as she was scared.

“It felt like something came into the house.

“I don’t know what or how it happened because I was with my child on our bed. But it felt like someone was having se_x with me. I was even tired in the morning.”

She said this went on for a week and she decided to seek help.

“I ran to my neighbour for help, but the tokoloshe followed me. They also heard something scratch their shack.

“Their chickens ran around their yard and some were killed as well.”

She said she also asked the police for help.

Neighbour Peter Ntsome told Daily Sun they couldn’t sleep the night Annah came to his house.

He said they woke up to find their chickens slaughtered.

“It was the first time I saw such. I even advised her to seek help from a prophet or sangoma,” he said.

Sangoma Gogo Sylvia believes the tokoloshe has made Annah its wife.

“She needs to consult a traditional healer who’ll give some muthi and cleanse her home.

She said the creature could have been sent by jealous people.

— DailySun

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