Shock as girl (26) loses virgi_nity to a strange creature with dark body and long tail

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ALL her life she said she would save herself for the right man.

But then a cruel tokoloshe crossed her path.

She said she was 18 when she had a dream about something she couldn’t identify.

The next morning when she woke up she was wet and so tired that she couldn’t get out of bed. Something horrible had happened, and was still going on to this day. The 26-year-old woman from Mamelodi, Tshwane, said the creature started sleeping with her and won’t leave.

“It’s been eight years since the tokoloshe took my virgi_nity.”

She said she couldn’t even take a nap in a taxi because the creature did his evil business in public, too.

The woman, originally from Limpopo, said she had spent over R15 000 to get rid of the stubborn tokoloshe with the dark body and long tail. To this day, she hasn’t seen his face.

“At first I thought I was imagining things. But when I kept becoming wet at night, I told my family.

“We have been fighting it together but without success,” she said.

“I wake up as if I have just slept with a man, and my vagi_na and ni_pples become itchy.”

She said the evil creature chased away her boyfriends.

“After five relationships I’m still alone. My last boyfriend separated from me last August without giving any reason. He just stopped calling and visiting.”

She said she had lost hope that she would ever get help.

“I’m scared to even share my story with people because I don’t know how they’ll react,” she said.

Sangoma Thabitha “Mahambayedwa” Sibanyoni said the woman needed a powerful sangoma to cleanse her and chase the creature away. She said she needed to be bathed at the bushes near a river.

“We can’t tell who sent her the tokoloshe until she consults. We can help remove this creature that has been bothering her all these years.”

Her worried mother needed the tokoloshe to be chased away.

“It is painful to see your daughter being tormented like this. I need help because we didn’t get it everywhere we went.”

She said her daughter was worried that if this continued, she would end up with no husband, kids and peace for the rest of her life.

She said it was terrible to see her suffering like this, and not getting any help.

— DailySun

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