Chaos as gogo pours boiling water on her sister in fight over late parents’ house


THE ANGRY gogo allegedly threw boiling water over her sister.

But the sister allegedly retaliated and tried to stab her with a knife for burning her with the water.


The fighting is about a family house which belonged to their late parents.

The house in Katlehong is in the name of Gladys Maluleke and she lives there with her two siblings, but it is claimed the youngest rules the place as if it belongs to her. Dezzy Vundla (55) uses three rooms of the house.

Gladys Maluleke (71) and Leziwe Vundla (61) stay together in one tiny bedroom.

“We live like animals in a cage,” Gladys told Daily Sun.

“We cook in this one room. We bath and sleep here while our sister owns three rooms of the house.”

Gladys claims Dezzy watches TV alone in the sitting room and cooks in the big kitchen.

“She sleeps by herself in a big bedroom while we’re squashed,” she claimed.

“She’s trouble. I don’t want her here.”

Gogo Gladys said the title deed is in her name.

“I can do what I want but my sister won’t go,” she said.

“Me and Leziwe can’t work at the same time. We bump into each other.

“One can’t cook while the other washes dishes. That’s how small the room is.”

Daily Sun witnessed the two sisters trying to work simultaneously.

It was a sad joke!

But when you open the bedroom door you enter the sitting room. That’s where gogo Dezzy was sitting when the SunTeam entered.

She agreed the house belonged to Gladys, according to the title deed, but said it was her mum’s house and she’s just as much the owner as her sister.

She said her sisters decided to squash themselves in the tiny bedroom.

“I won’t dig them out of the little room,” she said.

“I cook in the kitchen because that’s how it should be. When there’s a kitchen you don’t cook at the bedroom.”

She said the division began when the two gogos refused to buy food.

“I separated from them because they’re stingy. They decided to cook in the bedroom. It’s their call.”

A big fight broke out in December. Gladys told Daily Sun she wanted to pass in the kitchen. Dezzy was busy loading the dustbin with snacks she sells.

“When I pushed the bin past her, she grabbed my clothes,” said Gladys.

“She pushed me and I pushed back. We pushed one another until we entered our tiny bedroom. There was boiling water on the stove and she poured it on my face.”

She said the water splashed on her chest.

“I took a knife and chased her. I tried stabbing her but could only scratch her.”

Neighbours had to intervene to stop that fight.

Said a neighbour: “This war is big. It’s been going on since their mother died more than eight years ago. They need help.”

Gladys said she needs no help. All she wants is for Dezzy to go. Dezzy didn’t mind getting out of the house.

“I want to build a two-roomed house outside and they can have all four rooms. I don’t have enough money.”

Gladys doesn’t want to even hear that.

“I don’t want to see her. She’s as good as dead to me.”

Gogo Leziwe, the quiet one, said she couldn’t hold back when the confrontation happened.

“We are tired of Dezzy. We want her gone.”

Gogo Gladys opened an assault case at Katlehong Police Station against Dezzy.

Dezzy also opened a case after being stabbed but could not provide a case number.

She pleaded with Good Samaritans to help her build the two-roomed house.

Captain Mavela Masondo said an assault case was opened.

— DailySun

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