Woman begs male friend to marry her after he hit all her vagi_na’s ‘corners’ during d0ggie-style s3x


AFTER Shamiso Dohunye had a steamy d0ggie-style se_x session with her best friend Naison Chimusoro, she begged him to marry her, but he refused.

This did not go down well with his best friend as she started to send him vitriolic diatribes through WhatsApp.

The troubled Naison said: “After I had a steamy se_x session with my best friend Shamiso Duhunye, she told me that she enjoyed so much after that she suggested that I marry her saying she loves me, but I turned her request down and suggested that we remain friends. But she fumed at that and is accusing me of using her.”

Seeing that she had failed to arm-twist Naison to marry her, after he gave her multiple 0rgasms during lula lula, Shamiso rushed to social networking site, Facebook, to vent her anger.

“She sent me defamatory messages via Facebook and also sent WhatsApp messages threatening me and harassing me. This has caused serious problems for me and reduced my social standing in the society,” he said.

As if that was not enough she would phone him and accuse him of being a man of loose morals.

“She would phone anytime of the day and accuse me of being a womaniser. We both stay in Nkulumane suburb due to that she comes to my place quite often and would shout at me. My parents had to ban her from coming to our home. I therefore applied for a protection order against her so that she would stop sending me defamatory messages on Facebook, phoning me and coming to our home,” said Naison.

Shamiso denied ever harassing Naison.

“I only phoned him to ask why he was terminating my calls after we had se_x,” she said.

The presiding magistrate Rangarirai Gakanja granted Naison a protection order against Shamiso.

Shamiso was ordered to desist from phoning or sending Naison threatening messages and to stop posting defamatory messages about Naison on her Facebook account, and to stop visiting him at his home.

— BMetro

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