Gogo bursts into tears as prophetess burns her snake after it turned into a log at Chief’s court


THE snake that turned into a log after being presented at Chief Mutambara’s court after its capture was burnt last week on Saturday, thereby ending the Nenohwe villagers’ horror experiences.

The snake saga recently spilled into the public domain after a 12-year-old girl allegedly spotted Gogo Savie Nenohwe breastfeeding it at her friend Gogo Ethel Sithole’s homestead. As the issue continued hogging the limelight, it emerged that the snake had been terrorising Nenohwe villagers by licking their private parts in their sleep.

In an interview with The Weekender, Madzimai Loice Mukono said her church had successfully exterminated the snake/log.

The snake/log was burnt at Gogo Sithole’s homestead.

“The snake will not trouble anyone anymore as I burnt it on Saturday. We decided to burn it during the day as it had the tendency of turning back into its snake form during the night. In its snake form during the night, it would sneak into villagers’ bedrooms and lick them. The snake was Gogo Nenohwe’s wealth accumulation charm.

“All this was revealed when the snake was being burnt. We did not know that Gogo Nenohwe has a shop at Nenohwe Business Centre,” said Madzimai Mukono.

She said when she was about to burn the snake, Gogo Nenohwe left in a haste and screams could be heard from her homestead.

“Everyone heard her screaming as the snake was being burnt. We decided to burn the snake and other paraphernalia at Gogo Sithole’s homestead since they were being kept there,” she said. Madzimai Mukono also said Gogo Sithole was unaware of the presence of the snake at her homestead until she was informed by her grandchild.

“It is only fair that we give Gogo Sithole the benefit of the doubt. She claims that her friend used her and we will have to respect that,” said Madzimai Mukono.

Chief Mutambara fined Gogo Nenhowe two beasts for dabbling in witchcraft.

“We descend heavily on all those involved in witchcraft, wizardly or any form of sorcery to send a clear message to everyone that all evil practices are not allowed in our area,” said the traditional leader. Gogo Sithole insists that her friend was using the wealth enhancing charms behind her back.

“Gogo Sithole was exonerated by Madzimai Mukono. ln fact, Gogo Sithole is seeking compensation from Gogo Nenohwe for tarnishing her image.

“She has approached the court asking it to preside over the issue,” said Chief Mutambara.

— Manica Post

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