Man attacks police officers after being caught red handed raping 16-year-old girl in maize field


A SAKUBVA, Mutare, man who was reportedly caught raping a 16-year-old girl in a maize field dragged her into his makeshift cabin and held her hostage before going on to attack cops with a crowbar.

John Ndlovu (35) was only arrested after a back-up reaction team of police officers from the Canine Section came with dogs that pulled him out of the shack.

Ndlovu’s victim had to hide under the bed during the melee and was finally rescued with no visible injuries. On Monday, Ndlovu appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Langton Mukwengi, facing rap_e charges.

He was denied bail and advised to apply for bail at the High Court. Public prosecutor, Ms Peserverance Musukuto, told the court that the suspect rap_ed the girl on March 27 at around 7pm.

It is alleged that on the day in question, the complainant was coming from Mangenje Business Centre when she met the suspect along the way.

The accused person grabbed her hand but the girl freed herself from the grip and ran into a nearby house for help.

However, the house owners chased her away after seeing Ndlovu in hot pursuit while armed with a hoe.

The suspect caught up with the complainant and dragged her to a nearby maize field where he rap_ed her once.

While in the maize field, a passerby heard the complainant screaming for help and went to investigate.

But the Good Samaritan took to his heels after the accused person attacked him with stones.

After sensing that his hide-out was now compromised, Ndlovu dragged the girl further into the bush and rap_ed her again.

He then took the girl to his cabin and held her hostage.

However, the girl’s mother was alerted by neighbours about her daughter’s whereabouts after they had seen Ndlovu dragging her into his cabin.

“She quickly went to the police and reported the matter. The officers who first attended the scene from ZRP Sakubva failed to arrest the suspect who was armed with a crowbar and a kitchen knife.

“Moments later, a reaction team comprising of officers from the Canine Section came and rescued the girl. A section of the cabin had to be destroyed as the cops descended on the suspect who was holding the teenage hostage,” said Mrs Musukuto.

Dogs were set out on the suspect who was subsequently overpowered and arrested.

Following the arrest, the cops discovered an assortment of ladies’ panties and dresses in the suspect’s cabin.

One of the investigation officers who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity said more women could have been abused by the suspect as evidenced by the clothes recovered from the shack.

“In most cases, some of the victims do not want to come out in the open as they are afraid of being stigmatised.

“We are investigating further because the evidence we got from that cabin shows that a lot of things were taking place in there.

“We also recovered a national identity card belonging to a lady and once we get into contact with her, there will be some headway in our investigations,” he said.

— Manica Post

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