LULA LULA: Over 85 million rounds of protected se_x in Zimbabwe in 2020


NATIONAL Aids Council (NAC) said it had projected a target for male cond0ms at 100 million and over 5 million for female cond0ms on 2020.

However, both targets were missed.

A staggering 85 million cond0ms were distributed in Zimbabwe last year as the country strives to achieve global HIV testing and cond0m use targets by 2030.

NAC 2021 Global AIDS Monitoring Report shows that 83 million male cond0ms were distributed with female cond0ms standing at 2.9 million.

“Both targets for male (100m) and female (5.5m) cond0ms were missed attributed to service disruption due to Covid-19,” Amon NAC monitoring and evaluation director said last Friday.

Mpofu also said cond0ms remain relevant and practical for various population groups, including se_xually active young people, preg_nant and lactating women, women experiencing complications with horm0nal methods of family planning, as well as other population groups involved in high-risk se_x, such as se_x workers.

In a 2017 evaluation conducted by the NAC and partners, women and men indicated a dislike of the free cond0ms provided (a brand called Puma), reporting that they had an unpleasant smell and tended to break easily.

The female cond0m was also disliked by both women and men.

The country is making strong progress towards the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets.

— NewZimbabwe

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