Gogo now afraid to go to bed as her late husband’s ghost torments her, sleeps with her every night


GOGO Gladys Mokone is afraid to go to bed at night.

This is because she’s being poked by her late husband’s ghost.

And although it was a nice feeling in the beginning, gogo is now tired of it and wants help to make it stop.

The 75-year-old gogo from Brakpan in Ekurhuleni said she and her husband were married for 45 years before he died last year.

She said they no longer had se_x, which is why this is so shocking.

Gogo Gladys said this strange thing started happening in February and she thought it was because she missed her husband.

“But I got concerned when it started happening every day,” she said.

“I prayed and sprinkled salt and holy water all over the house, but it didn’t help.

“I went to a sangoma who told me my husband misses me and was used to living with me.”

Gogo Gladys said the sangoma advised her to visit his grave and talk to him.

“I did as she said and visited his grave several times, but this didn’t stop,” she said.

She then went back to the sangoma, who gave her muthi to sprinkle around her bedroom.

“That also didn’t work. I don’t know what to do anymore,” said gogo.

She said her sister took her to a prophet, who also confirmed her husband was poking her.

“She prayed for me and gave me water, but it isn’t helping. This is really frustrating,” said Gladys.

Her sister, Magauta Mathibedi (57), said she didn’t know how to help her sister anymore.

“If a sangoma and prophet weren’t able to help, I really don’t know what to do,” said Magauta.

Sangoma Matshido Motseki confirmed that gogo’s hubby poked every night and she’s run out of ideas on how to get rid of him.

“Not even my muthi chases him away. But we won’t give up until we find help for her,” she said.

— DailySun

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