TIGHT PUNANI: Top sangoma warns women against putting muthi inside their vagi_nas


PUNANI MUTHI is a trap for men!

This is the warning from a sangoma, who has warned women against the use of this muthi.

For years, stories have been told of women putting muthi inside their vagi_nas to make them tighter.

Jabulile Khumalo, who works at a muthi shop in Tembisa, Gauteng, told Daily Sun female customers secretly flock to the shop for the punani muthi.

Gobela Grace Ndlovu and sangoma Mkhulu Joseph Dungamanzi told the People’s Paper punani muthi comes in the form of a lotion, as mixed herbs, or animal fat.

“Many women who use this muthi are desperate for men while others are after blessers for money,” said Grace.

“They don’t mind snatching other women’s husbands.”

She said the muthi in the vag_ina locks the penis, making it feel warm and tight.

Grace said women using this muthi might be getting what they want, but the muthi can cause pain in the womb, the uterus and lower abdomen.

“The women need to cleanse,” said Grace.

Dungamanzi said it’s completely wrong to use muthi to steal people’s happiness.

“Women who use muthi are mostly lazy to work for their success. It’s the devil’s work. But all muthi fades eventually.”

Dungamanzi said some women are protected by their ancestors and the muthi won’t work. He said the ancestors may be against the muthi.

“Those women invite bad luck into their lives,” he said.

A 53-year-old woman said she never worked, and when her husband threatened to leave she heard about the muthi.

“I searched for the muthi until I found it. Our se_x life improved for a while but then he lost interest,” she said.

She said she resorted to going to church.

“We still have problems, but faith has kept us going,” she said.

Daily Sun has learnt that the price for the muthi depends on the sangoma’s mixture.

But gender activist Queen Rabotapi said women have the right to control their bodies.

“The perception that women must tighten the vagi_nas to keep men isn’t accurate,” she said.

“Women have different preferences about their private parts and different ways to make them feel good.”

She said some women are influenced by their partners, especially men with small peni_ses, to tighten their vagi-nas.

“I don’t see anything wrong with women tightening their vagi_nas,” she said.

“I’ve heard some women use snuff and unproven herbs and suffer infections.”

Dr Zuko Booi said muthi can be toxic to the vagi_na, causes irritation and develops vagi_nal and cervi_cal cancers.

“There’ve been many practices employed in an attempt to tighten the vagi_na. These range from simple exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, to radioactive and laser devices used in vag_inal rejuvenation.

“Traditional remedies have been used in an attempt to tighten the vagi_na. There’s evidence traditional remedies and herbs can cause dryness of the vagi_nal wall which may lead to pain during se_xual intercourse.

“Some of these, if used excessively, have been reported to lead to cancer.”

— DailySun

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