Gogo Godsent reveals what will happen to a man who sleeps with a woman who had an ab0rtion


THERE’S always been talk about se_x-tying souls and how that can ruin a life.

But now, gogo Godsent Nkabinde is sharing a solution on how to untie souls with your ex to better your life.

She told Daily Sun that soul ties are energies that are shared during se_x which is also known as isinyama.

She gave an example of a man who has a child with a woman who’d previously terminated a preg_nancy and never got cleansed.

“That child will give you problems and your life will come to a standstill,” said Godsent.

She said poking someone who has problems at home results in one attracting their bad energies.

“A lot of souls are bad and one should untie exes with those souls,” said Godsent.

Before doing anything you must pray.”

For one to perform the soul-untie, you need wool, two candles, a saucer and salt.

She said the salt, which is for protection, must be sprinkled around the candles.

“The wool represents your bond with that person. Tie it around the two candles,” she said.

“Write your exes’ name on a clean piece of paper nine times.

“Light your candles and set the paper on fire and make sure the ashes are in the saucer.”

When that is done the wax and ashes must be thrown outside.”

Musawenkosi Dlala (37) told Daily Sun he’d se_x with a woman who terminated a preg_nancy and he knew about it.

“She doesn’t believe in traditional things,” said Musawenkosi.

“So she really didn’t think of cleansing, which made me suffer.”

“I started losing jobs and having accidents and things were bad.”

He went to a sangoma, who said the bad luck came about because of the girl not cleansing.

“I was cleansed and advised to perform the ritual with the candles. My life has been better,” he said.

Nikiwe Dlamini (33) performed the ritual after having problems with money, jobs and relationships.

“When I saw this I immediately performed the ritual because I was desperate for a better life,” said Nikiwe.

“I did exactly as instructed and I can see where my life is heading.”

— DailySun

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