Councillor caught red-handed having sex with suspected Epworth prostitute


An Epworth councillor was last week caught red handed, having s*x with a woman at a brothel in Queensdale.

Councillor Dikanifuwa, popularly known as Zesa, reportedly hooked up with his small house only identified as Mai tendai for an afternoon quickie before they were caught following a tip-off.

Three men confronted Mai Tendai and the naked councillor had to jostle for something to wear. Cllr Dikanifuwa opened the door for the trio after one of them advised him that he had an urgent matter he wanted to share with him.

“I think it is necessary for me to hunt for those guys because they duped me by calling my nickname Zesa and I believed them before opening. I don’t think this woman is married because I helped her after she was assaulted by other prostitutes in Epworth. If she was married, her husband could have accompanied her since it was during the night and I want to believe that she stays alone since she was asking me to do the ‘quickie’ at her house I refused because it could have drawn attention of her neighbours and I wanted more freedom here at the lodge,” said the Zanu PF councillor.

He emphasised that he did not pay US$5 per hour charged at the brothel since the place is managed by his former classmate.

Sources close to the brothel said Cllr Dikanifuwa frequents the brothel with different women and he was once warned for cheating with married women.

“Zesa has finally mate his fate today. He has been cheating with married women and he boasts of dating other men’s wives, maybe this shaming might change his attitude,” said a source.

Mai Tendai denied that she is married saying she was prepared to take the writer to her house and prove that she was single. But accompanying a suspected prostitute to her house would obviously be a very bad idea, hence her ‘offer’ was not accepted.

The three men refused to talk to the news crew but threatened to deal with councillor Dikanifuwa since they knew where he stays.

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