Hwange prostitute cheats on hubby, dies and resurrects


It is not only Jesus Christ who resurrected, if you ask Antonio Ndebele (34), she will tell you that she too rose from the dead.

A banker, who fell on hard times, Ndebele, says she died and resurrected when she became born again.

“On 26 June 2013 I received salvation and got delivered by a pastor from Word of healing Ministries, Pastor Shumirai Rugara. Just after deliverance I passed out and my relatives were informed of my death. I came back to life the following day when they were on their way to the mortuary,” she said.

But her story is somewhat questionable. She says when she came back from the dead, she developed a mental condition which went on for months. It is not yet clear if she has successfully regained her senses.

“After resurrecting I had a mental illness and I was taken to a psychiatric clinic where I received treatment for some months. My mental sickness was caused by two spirits that are fighting over me, however, my church mates prayed for me until I was completely delivered,” she claimed.

Ndebele says her troubles began when her husband caught her cheating with another man.

“My husband left me and that is when my problems started. I lost my job at a bank where I was employed as a teller. I had severe financial problems and I sold my house. My husband had caught me cheating,” she said.

When she was down and out she resorted to prostitution and just like in Nigerian movies, business was good courtesy of juju from a traditional healer.

“I then engaged in prostitution because I needed financial upkeep. A woman who is a traditional healer gave me muti for attracting men. I had a lot of clients and I would have sex with countless men,” she revealed.

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