JUJU: Woman’s private part bleeds non stop after her underwear went missing…Father in trouble

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A father and his three children are at loggerheads, with the children accusing the father of witchcraft.

Lazarus Scotty stands accused of possessing a goblin that has caused continuous mens_truation for his daughter from 2013 up to date after one of her panties went missing.

Kudakwashe, Roy and daughter Nyasha Scotty all believe that their suffering is being caused by their father who they say is using juju.

Nyasha’s marriage is said to have collapsed because of her mens_trual cycle that is continuous.

Scott has taken his two sons and daughter to Harare Civil court asking for a protection order claiming that his children were accusing him of practicing witchcraft.

Scotty led evidence that his children have been teaming up to verbally, physically, emotionally and psychologically abuse him.

In an affidavit deposed off by Scotty he submitted that he had no other remedy.

“The respondents are my own children; they accuse me of being a witch yet I have never been associated with witchcraft.

“They torment, insult and assault me and I have approached this honourable court seeking relief,” wrote Scotty.

He said his life was also at risk at the expense of his own children.

“My life is at risk as my children continue to expose me to various kinds of assaults.

“They have grown up so much to disrespect me to an extent they act like they are the ones who gave birth to me,” he said.

However, according to one of the sons, their father is their family’s mischief-maker.

“I am a member of the apostolic sect, after attending one consultation in Kadoma I was told that our father was bewitching us and had a goblin.

“It’s also because of the goblin that my sister Nyasha has been sick and bleeds from her private parts since 2013 after one of her panties went missing.

“We were instructed to bring our father by the prophet but he has been denying his involvement in the witchcraft and refusing to attend any of the consultations with us,” claimed his son Kudakwashe.

Kudakwashe claims every time the family tries to discuss the matter with his father he avoids the subject and the family problems continue to pile.

The matter will continue on June 27.

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