Well-known prophet arrested after raping client at his house


A 35-year-old self-proclaimed prophet has been arrested for allegedly rap_ing a 21-year-old woman after he told her that she was bewitched with a spirit of death.

According to a source close to investigations the se_xual attacker, Calvin Edmore Nyoni, phoned his 21-year-old client and told her that she would die because her relative cast a spell of death upon her life.

Nyoni warned her saying to avoid that she had to come to his home so that he would pray for her to exorcise the spirit of death.

The unsuspecting woman heeded the call and went to the prophet’s home.

The source said: “The lady found the prophet alone at his rented house and she sat on the sofa. Nyoni, who was on the phone, joined her after he had ended his conversation on the phone. He f0ndled her brea_sts and thighs while telling her that he loved her. But the lady was uncomfortable with that.”

The source added: “She rebuked him, but he insisted saying he loved her. He locked the door. He then grabbed her and asked her to have se_x with him. He threatened to kill her and due to that his client gave in to his demand. He rap_ed her thrice.”

After the se_xual attack the se_x offender begged her not to reveal the se_x ordeal to anyone.

She left and headed to her home and disclosed the se_x attack to her flat mate. Her flat mate advised her to seek counselling at Musasa Project.

She was then advised to make a report at a police station leading to the arrest of Nyoni.

— BMetro

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