Home News Zim women now prostitutes and strippers in South Africa (SEE ALL DETAILS)

Zim women now prostitutes and strippers in South Africa (SEE ALL DETAILS)


Zim women now prostitutes and strippers in South Africa (SEE ALL DETAILS) Prostitution used to be a low skill and high heels job but Zimbabwean ‘pleasure engineers’ based in South Africa seem to have fallen on hard times amid revelations that competition in the HIV-risky trade has forced most of them to turn to stripping.

A walk into the popular Hillbrow Inn, Maxime and Summit confirms the development as the local ‘girls’ are reportedly spotted doing what they know best. These women migrated to South Africa in search for greener pastures, running away from the popular US$1 for 2 rounds of s*x which resulted in them languishing in poverty.

It has been reported that the number of prostitutes has increased, creating stiff competition in the industry at the same time lowering standards.

Speaking to one thigh vendor who has since joined the stripping ‘department’, she said getting clients to have sex with is no longer easy.

“Standing on the streets and waiting to be hired for sex was no longer paying. Imagine you will be stressed by paying your own rentals and back home your family will be waiting for money come month-end. Things were really bad and that is when we decided to join strippers. we went for private learning sessions for two weeks. I must confess now we are getting more money because we are doing double duty,” she said.

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The prostitute-cum-stripper revealed that stripping is more like marketing themselves because after stripping they are usually then hired for sex.

“Most of Zimbabwean girls operate at Summit and Hillbrow nigh clubs. The minimum amount one can get a month is R2,500 (nearly US$250). During the week we are paid less compared to weekends. between Monday and Friday revellers pay R50 each and on weekends they pay R100. If someone wants a private section upstairs with a stripper, its R250. The ‘organ’ price starts from R50 going upwards, depending on experience. If a man wants to see your vag*na, he has to pay for it,” she revealed.

“this industry is really better I tell you because for sexual services we start from R50 a round and that is bonus,” she added.

It is reported that strippers at Hillbrow Inn and Summit are easily identified by Zimbabwe native languages and they have turned the places into their own homes.

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