TB JOSHUA’S DEATH: Prophet Talent Madungwe who went to heaven and had braai with God at it again


SELF-STYLED prophet Talent Madungwe, better known as Prophet Madungwe, is back to his verbal theatrics, this time making claims late popular Nigerian preacher TB Joshua was a clean candidate for the kingdom of heaven.

TB Joshua died of unknown causes in his home country in the early hours of Sunday and is yet to be buried.

In an interview with NewZimbabwe Wednesday, Madungwe, who has previously claimed making regular visits to enjoy dinner with The Almighty, said he (Madungwe) was now officially ordained “heaven army commander and has replaced Michael”.

“There are platforms which have been reporting that Prophet Madungwe has welcomed the late Prophet TB Joshua in heaven and that is a lie.

“I said TB Joshua qualified for heaven, all the departments of heaven including the heaven army which is led by Prophet Madungwe approved that he qualifies for heaven because of his works. Those saying we welcomed him, that is fake news.

“I am the new heaven commander and I do not welcome people in heaven, I fight spiritual wars not welcoming people.

“TB Joshua was not given automatic entry to heaven, but it was because of his works,” said Madungwe.

Madungwe also said that people should repent otherwise they will all die of Covid-19.

All kinds of derogatory terms and brickbats have been hurled at Madungwe. He claims he has met God, not once but three times.

Madungwe’s prophecies have gone beyond God’s visit, they include the supper he claims he had with the Almighty.

He has been called names, some have even dismissed him as deranged, but Madungwe sticks to his word; he has met God, he had braai with God, he’s scheduled for a third visit to Heaven.

“It is only by the grace of God that I am the one chosen to receive the honour of meeting God and like what happened when Mary was going to give birth to Jesus no one would believe but she had been chosen,” he said in an interview with the State-owned Herald.

A very confident man in speech and character, there could be flaws and inconsistences in his story but Prophet Madungwe believes he is the “chosen one”.

Born on June 18, 1986, Prophet Madungwe believes his calling does not need the kind of media blitz his word has attracted.

— NewZimbabwe/MyZimbabwe

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