I found out there were 50 women in hubby Mufudzi’s phone: Beverly Sibanda reveals shocking details


Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda’s marriage with her husband, Chambuka Mufudzi has crumbled after 13 months.

She got married in May last year before holding a court wedding.

Recently Bev posted insinuating that it might be over between her and husband.

“Hero basa iwe ndiwe wekuhu*a ikoko ini ndini wekuchengeta chiw*ti change”

Bev took to Facebook insinuating that it might be over between her and Mufudzi

H-Metro contacted Bev who confirmed that it was over between her and Mufudzi:

“I am troubled, many people called me pr0stitute, but if I am like that let him come and present all the details.

“He would always accuse me and complain of me cheating and two months after our wedding, he was already giving me trouble.

“He is abusing me; he always suspects me of cheating and he makes me cry whilst he is that far.

“I always cry and he can just block me from nowhere even during times of happiness.

“I found out there were 50 women in his phone, I will post more of them on Facebook.

“He is the one cheating and for two months, he has not been sending money, even rent or anything.

“He told me that I will suffer and worse the entertainment industry is closed,” she said.

Added Bev:

“He installed Wifi at my place so that he calls because he thinks I am staying with someone and he always says he is being told that I am cheating.

“I was quiet, he said I will beg him since he is the one working.

“He normally blocks me and tells bad things to my friend, telling her that he wants a divorce. He insults me saying I don’t love his mother and his children.

“He sends money to other women and each time he wants to send me money, he finds a story against me.

“Last week but one when he unblocked me, I told him kuti uda ndirarame nei, I have children here.

“I am not going to work, I told him that I got a job in Dubai, I am still looking for a job, and I asked him if I can get a job, he did not respond.

— HMetro

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