I drive an Audi, I have stands in Byo, Zimre Park & Borrowdale: DJ Towers thanks Prophet Edd Branson

DJ Towers and Prophet Edd Branson

Controversial artiste Tawanda “Dj Towers” Marimbe has rubbished accusations of him being a beggar saying he is a social media marketing guru.

The 28-year-old has been labelled a beggar by many social media users due to the questionable way he conducts his business.

Some people have also described DJ Towers as a ‘bootlicker’ to the rich and famous so as to make personal gains.

“Vanhu vasina kufunda vanodaro, I am not a beggar I exchange my services for payment.

“I am a marketing guru on social media in Zimbabwe.

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“I have various endorsement deals with many companies.

“It’s just that I’m someone who is grateful, my mom raised me to be a grateful person.

” I will be thanking the people that have made an impact and brought change to my life, not that I will be begging them,” said Dj Towers.

He added:

“People should learn to appreciate people when they are alive not when dead.

“The same people saying that, are the ones going to be saying ndakapenga ndafa.

“Look at my late brother Ginimbi, people are now appreciating him when he has died but when he was alive they said a lot of bad stuff about him.”

DJ Towers said his deals have both moveable and immovable asserts.

Some of these earnings comprise an Audi car he is currently driving, three residential stands – one in Bulawayo, the second in Zimre Park and another in Borrowdale.

He is already planning to develop some of the stands once architectural designs have been completed.

Apart from that he said he earns good money from his endorsement deals, even way better than most sought after rappers Holy Ten and Takura.

“I make good money even better than Holy Ten and Takura.

“I even managed to buy my own brother a Honda Fit, ” he added.

He also revealed that he is now prayerful, thanks to Prophet Edd Branson who has blessed him.

“I am now going to church and I’m now a prayerful person thanks to my prophet, Edd.

” He has changed a lot in my life and for that I am very grateful.

“I also want to thank Mambo ndini, Juboy Takosha, the Kadungure family, my parents and my haters they keep me going. ”

Asked whether he is in a love relationship he said:

“Ndine babe randiri kuda asi rikundiramba.

” She doesn’t want me because of my superstar status, “he said.

— HMetro

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