Man uses bucket to relieve himself, doesn’t use gate to enter his yard but prefers to jump durawall


His behaviour has become so strange his mum believes he was turned into a zombie.

However, she hopes the spell will be reversed and he’ll get his university degree and enjoy life.

The 40-year-old mum from Snake Park, Soweto told Daily Sun she noticed a change in her son’s behaviour after he matriculated. “We didn’t understand what his problem was.”

She said the 22-year-old stopped talking to them and got angry for no reason.

“He breaks things whenever he gets angry and no one can touch him. We’ve had to replace the windows several times and his siblings are afraid of him because he’s unpredictable.”

But that was just the beginning of her son’s behaviour. The mum said he used to share a shack with his older brother, but asked to be separated from him. “We did exactly that and moved him into a shack we used as a storeroom.

“He no longer uses the toilet, but uses a bucket to relieve himself. But he never takes it out, so I have to do it whenever I get a chance because he locks himself in,” she said.

As if that was not worrying enough, her son no longer cares about food.

“I have to take the food to him. When he comes to the house, he takes the coffee and a lot of sugar. But he doesn’t add water, he eats it dry. “He does a lot of alarming things and sees things we can’t see. He refuses to use the gate, claiming there are snakes there, so he prefers to jump over the wall. We’ve decided to let him be because we don’t know what’s going on in his head.”

She was forced to stop her business as a saleswoman as she had to look after her son and protect her other kids should he become violent.

The mum said she’s been to various churches and izangoma to ask for help with no luck.

“The one common thing they tell us is that my late father-in-law was turned into a zombie and is now living through my son. I believe them because no ordinary person behaves like him,” she said, adding that her son’s behaviour changed after seeking help and using treatment, but went back after two weeks.

She said she spent thousands of rands trying to get help, but has not found a permanent solution. “We still live in shacks because the money my husband and I saved to build a house was used on prophets and izangoma.

“We really need help. I have been reading Daily Sun and saw some izangoma are able to help people. I’m begging for their help. We can’t continue living like this,” said the mum.

Gobela Mntimande Ngwenya said it could also be that the young man has a calling and the ancestors were angry and turned on him for ignoring them.

“Another explanation could be izilwane, meaning he was bewitched by someone. If indeed the young man’s mkhulu was turned into a zombie and was living through him, then it means the healing has to start at the mkhulu’s grave, where the problem started,” he said.

Sangoma Dr OV Ngcuka said: “Traditionally, he has izilwane. If his mkhulu was indeed turned into umkhovu, then he has to be cleansed through the victim.

“The way he’s living could be how the mkhulu was forced to live while subjected to being a zombie. It will be a lengthy process, but can definitely be fixed.”

Dr Hlengani Maluleke said these are signs of major depression. “His family needs to take him to the doctor or a clinic where he will be referred to a psychiatrist who can help him with his condition.

Dr Ngoanatsomane Moukangwe said this is indeed a psychiatric condition that needs to be quickly attended to with the help of medication as well.

— DailySun

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