#FreeJacobZuma: Sangoma in trouble after being found with ATM safe…As ancestors reject looted cash


AN UMSAMO is a clean and sacred place, a place to connect with ancestors.

This is where candles are lit, snuff is used, where the spirits are respected.


But disrespecting an umsamo has serious consequences – a lesson a Soweto man learnt the hard way when he placed stolen money in his umsamo.

He’s now in jail with time to consider his foolish actions.

“His amadlozi refused the stolen money,” said sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye after the arrest of the man in Zola, Soweto.

The sangoma told Daily Sun that whenever they received money, they put it in the umsamo so that the ancestors could bless it.

“To show that they have blessed the money, as a sangoma, you will receive more. But the ancestors don’t like dirty money,” said sangoma Mthimunye.

“As far as my arrested colleague is concerned, I guess the ancestors refused to accept the stolen money and made it possible for him to get caught.”

Sangoma Manzamnyama Madlamini said this was a lesson to this colleague that the ancestors were not to be dragged into doing evil things.

“Next time he does something like this he won’t put that money in the umsamo. He’ll rather hide it somewhere far from the indumba.”

She said they put clean money in the umsamo and the amadlozi bless it. Police said the sangoma was bust with his two friends in Zola Soweto on Tuesday night, 13 July by the Soweto K9.

“They were found in possession of an ATM safe. Upon searching the house, the police found money stained with ink being placed in the sangoma’s umsamo,” said Gauteng police spokesman Captain Kay Makhubele.

A neighbour in the area said he knew the sangoma. “He’s not an ATM thief. He’s a good man. I think he got overwhelmed when the looting happened and there was a chance to grab the ATM. They thought they had hit the jackpot and now they are arrested.”

The neighbour wished the sangoma would to be released so he could continue helping the people.

“He’s a good sangoma. His place is always packed with people from all over who come to him for help. Today I saw them turning away because they couldn’t find him.”

A client from Emdeni said he was a regular at the sangoma.

“Every time I’m faced with difficulties I come to him and he always assists me.”

— DailySun

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