MUST READ: Here are the 4 health risks associated with excessive masturbati0n


ACCORDING to a survey done by the International Society of Se_xual Medicine, masturbati0n is more common than se_xual activity with a partner.

And just like drinking alcohol, one needs to know when they’ve had enough.

PulseGH has compiled four health risks associated with excessive masturbati0n.

Here are the effects of masturbati0n on one’s body:

1. Memory loss

When a person engages in masturbati0n, the brain releases dopamine, a hormone that carries signals between brain cells. It also gets blamed for addiction.

2. Premature ejaculati0n

Se_xual dysfunction is also caused by excessive masturbati0n where one eja_culates sooner during se_xual intercourse than one or one’s partner would like.

3. Affects se_x life

It gets to a point where one is satisfied with masturbati0n more than having se_x with their partner. This also happens with addiction and it can destroy your se_x life completely.

4. Energy loss

Do you mastur_bate more than five times a week? Well, it may be bad for your health because your body is overworking.

“Mastur_bating needs a lot of energy. Increased weakness is an output of excessive masturbati0n. As blood flows to our geni_tals, we lose blood for producing the sperm we just mastur_bated,” the article read.

— DailySun

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