Evil man (41) presses knife against 81 year old mother’s neck, threatens to kill her over house


A GOGO is traumatised and is too scared to live with her son.

This comes after her 41-year-old late husband’s son tried to kill her on 2 August, accusing her of wanting to sell her house. The gogo (81) from Khayelitsha, Cape Town, told Daily Sun she has a big water bill, so she was being helped by a relative to take the matter to court to cancel the bill.

When her son saw the court papers, he allegedly became angry and accused the gogo of wanting to sell the house behind his back.

“This is my house. I bought it with my late husband. But his son said it was his ‘inheritance’ and I must never think of selling it. He pressed a knife against my neck and asked me to recite my last prayer. I asked him to read the papers properly, but it made him angrier. He said I think he’s dumb.”

She said she was tormented for more than an hour.

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“When I begged him to allow me to go to the toilet, he told me to kak in my pants. He doesn’t care.”

Gogo said she was sitting on a sofa near the door and when her son stood up to go to the toilet, she managed to open the door and scream for help. Neighbours came to her rescue, leading to her son’s arrest.

A neighbour said when she arrived, the gogo’s son almost hit the gogo with a plate full of food.

Even though her son was arrested, gogo said she didn’t want him anywhere near her if he is released.

She said he must collect his clothes in the presence of cops.

“I would rather kill myself if he wants to live with me again,” she said.

One of gogo’s relatives has been living with her since the incident as the gogo’s other child is in Free State. However, on the day of the incident, another relative had come to help clean the house.

“I would have been dead if she was not present. When I was being attacked, she was told to sit next to me and was only allowed to fetch water and food for me,” said gogo.

The woman said she had helped the gogo clean the house on several occasions, but had never seen her son angry like that.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi said: “The matter was reported on Monday, 2 August. The argument became heated and the man assaulted the victim. Lingelethu police are investigating a case of common assault.”

– Daily Sun

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