Man dies after being bitten by snake 20 minutes after he had cut off its head


IT IS reported that snake bites kill more than 100 000 people every year.

In this case, the snake was going to be a meal, as the chef was preparing a rare delicacy and he thought he was safe having cut its head off.

Unfortunately, he was fatally bitten by the snake 20 minutes after he had cut off its head.

The delicacy soup is made with the flesh of a deadly spitting cobra and is considered a rare delicacy in South China.

According to the Daily Star, after he beheaded the Indochinese Spitting Cobra, he spent 20 minutes making the soup, then he started cleaning the kitchen.

He then picked up the head to throw it in the bin when it suddenly bit him.

The venom can kill within 30 minutes, paralysing a victim and suffocating them to death.

A victim can be saved with an anti-venom but it must be taken quickly.

– Daily Sun

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