‘Shine Nyamhunga gave robbers directions to Matonzi’s home but they ended up at Nemaisa’s house’

Sharp shooter ... Joseph Nemaisa killed three gunmen holding his family hostage

An alleged accomplice in the Chadcombe shootout has been brought to court to answer to robbery charges.

Shine Nyamhunga, 21, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga.

He was remanded in custody to December 28 when he returns to court for routine remand.

The court heard that Nyamhunga, who is employed by Top Parts and Tyres, connived with his accomplices to rob Patience Matonzi.

It is alleged he gave them directions to Matonzi’s house to execute their plan.

But, the court heard, they ended up at Fadzanai Musarurwa’s house, which is nearby, a mistake that cost them dearly.

When Musarurwa entered her house, the robbers comprising of Tariro Gora, Brian Tendere and Charles Chirara who died in the shootout along with Francis Takura and Virimai Nyandoro who have already appeared in court on the same charge, followed her.

Musarurwa reportedly heard her dogs barking viciously and she instructed her brother Masimba Musarurwa to lock the main door.

As Masimba Musarurwa was locking the door, they heard someone trying to force open the door.

Courage Nemaisa, Musarurwa’s son then quickly phoned his father Joseph Nemaisa and informed him that there were intruders at the house, it is alleged.

The whole family retreated to their bedrooms and Musarurwa went into the toilet and locked the door.

The gang allegedly broke down the main door to the house using crow bars and screw drivers.

The five robbers got into the house and began assaulting everyone in the rooms, forced them to lie down and demanded to see Musarurwa.

When she eventually emerged from the toilet, Musarurwa was assaulted by the robbers who pointed their guns at her demanding for money.

It is alleged that Musarurwa led them to the bedroom where she handed over US$850 and they ransacked the house and took her cellphone, a black laptop and a shot gun.

When they were about to leave, Joseph Nemaisa arrived at the secene armed with a 9mm stribog pistol and a fierce exchange of gunfire ensued.

Tendere, Chirara and Gora were shot dead.

– HMetro

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