Kill me if you want, I don’t care. Even if I’m dethroned, I will stand for justice: Chief Murinye

Chief Murinye

In a daring move alien to Zimbabwean traditional leaders, Chief Murinye born Ephias Munodawafa who recently castigated the President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration for failing to deal with corruption, has said he is not afraid and is prepared for anything as far as his recent utterances are concerned.

Chief Murinye recently made headlines after making bold statements while addressing mourners at the funeral of Public Service Commission (PSC) Head of the Pay and Benefits Development and Management Agency Elson Gonye in his area spewing vitriol against corrupt elements in Mnangagwa’s administration.

The traditional leader told mourners that there was every reason to call upon Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Phillip Valerio Sibanda and his soldiers to repeat what they did in November 2017 (apparent reference to the sanitized military coup that overthrew late former president Mugabe).

When contacted for further clarification and comment over his utterances, Chief Murinye declined to give names of the individuals involved in the corrupt activities but pointed out a case that took place in Masvingo in which a truck full of fertilizers meant for the local people was allegedly diverted to Harare for selling at the parallel market in Harare.

“It is a bit difficult to mention names but about two or three months ago, came a truck full of fertilizer, someone came and whispered to me that the truck was taking the fertilizer to Harare and sell it at the black market.

“After that I took the registration numbers of the vehicle, called the Propol and also went to Chivi road block to notify the police manning the block on the development but up to now, nothing has been done,” said Chief Murinye.

He also said he is prepared for the consequences that are likely to follow his criticism of corrupt and criminal activities among top government officials.

“I am not afraid and I am prepared for whatever I will face. If they want to kill me, they can come and kill me I am not afraid,” said Chief Murinye.

At Gonye’s funeral, Chief Murinye implored Mnangagwa to take heed to his call and put his house in order, if he wanted to retain power in the 2023 harmonised polls that are just one and half years away.

“ED is my nephew, if he fails to listen to my advice, in 2023 he will not make it. People are disgruntled, they are seeing what is going on and they will punish you in the ballot box.

“We are fed up, sick and tired of these crooks and criminals. We do not want this anymore.

“Criminals have no place in Zimbabwe, wherever minerals pop up the same individuals claim ownership and everything along the way. ED has got a good vision but he is surrounded by criminals. We do not know if it will be the best option for us to go to Valerio Sibanda so that he can repeat what he did. We do not want that. We are fed up of being the laughing stock of the world because if you go to South Africa and they ask you where you come from, you feel ashamed to the extent that you can even think of hiding your passport.

“Have you observed the humility of this home, have you seen it? What if they were those guys with nepotism and tribalism you have taken from high up there? If you visit other people’s homesteads, you would just realise how well other people are living,” said Chief Murinye.

He further castigated people who are siphoning public funds for personal benefits like buying properties in leafy suburbs in Harare.

“If you go to areas like Borrowdale, you wonder where the owners of such properties get the money to construct them. I am not proud of that kind of money; give me nothing even if it means stripping me of the chieftainship. I would rather be with my people and enjoy the sanity of the Heavens which demands righteousness than reveling in ‘dirty or bloody’ wealth acquisition.

“How do we celebrate when someone boasts that the wealth he possesses is too much to the extent that he would only be declared broke when he reaches the levels of Strive Masiiwa (Econet founder), a son of the former president for that matter. You think we are happy with such kind of issues prevailing? Whoever gets into power should rein his/her children so that they know the nation belongs to the people and not individuals. We have supported the ruling party because it is our party, but do not betray that support by doing whatever you wish to.

“There was a gold rush at Hwendedzo. Musara went there and proposed incorporation of the community in sharing the proceeds, there were top army officials with people being chased away. That is nonsense,” said Chief Murinye.

In audio clips that have gone viral on social media, Murinye threatens to expose corrupt Zanu PF members to Mnangagwa.

“If the president asks me about it, I will expose you,” he said.

“In South Africa they go nine kilometres underground looking for diamonds, but here in Zimbabwe we literally pick our diamonds from the surface.

“What are we doing with the proceeds of the diamonds?

“If I inquire then you call me an MDC member. Kill me if you want, I don’t care.

“Even if I am dethroned, I will stand for justice.”

As if responding to the issue, a Twitter handle believed to be run by Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba tweeted that Chief Murinye had called him to clear the air.

“WHEN CHIEF MURINYE CALLED: Today I got an unexpected call from Chief Murinye who fondly addresses me as ‘the son of Manheru’, with all the attendant semantic consequences. His message was brief: he hates the way opposition forces are abusing his strong indignation with his President and his party, ZANU-PF.

“He explained what triggered the outburst. Further, he says he has since sobered up and is ready to explain himself. So guys, don’t think you are about to score; take chill pill!!!!,” reads the statement.

Contacted for comment again to clarify on the tweet, Chief Murinye said he was in a meeting before his mobile phone went unreachable the rest of the afternoon.

Barely a month ago, Chiefs’ Council President Fortune Charumbira had a video of himself shot at Zanu PF national conference in Bindura while claiming that Chiefs are the true owners of Zanu PF as a party and challenges the leadership to involve them in the affairs than inviting them as guests at annual conferences and congress.

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