PAKAIPA: Turmoil as ngozi spirit of woman who was poisoned to death by 2 varoora in 2008 wreaks havoc


AN avenging spirit of a Chimanimani woman who was allegedly poisoned to death by her two daughters-in-law in 2008 is wreaking havoc and threatening to wipe the duo’s families.

The manifesting spirit of the late Panganai Muzuzu of Nechirinda Village under Chief Muusha also accuses surviving members of her family of folding their hands and failing to bring her alleged killers to book.

Muzuzu allegedly died of food poisoning and her avenging spirit claimed that she disclosed the names of her alleged killers to close relatives while on her death bed at Mutambara Mission Hospital.

The matter was referred to Acting Chief Saurombe who adjourned it to January 16 to allow all the parties involved to attend.

Chief Muusha briefly presided over the matter before referring it to his counterpart, Acting Chief Saurombe for further management.

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The deceased’s brother, Tizai admitted that his late sister had confided in him that she was poisoned by her daughters-in-law — Wadzanai Chisara and Sibusisiwe Nzara, but never took the allegations seriously.

He said they never made a follow up on the allegations after her death, having trivialised them for the usual bad blood between a mother-in-law and daughters-in-law.

However, brushing aside the matter has come back to haunt the family as children are suffering severe mental illnesses and dying mysteriously.

Feeling the pinch, the family was forced to approach traditional leaders for a lasting solution.

However, the avenging spirit has refused to budge, arguing that it can only present its demands when all her four sons and their wives are present.

Muzuzu had four sons and one of them together with his family are now domiciled in South Africa having fled the strange happenings in the family.

“Ignoring her last words has cost us as a family. She is seeking retribution from her killers now domiciled in South Africa. My late sister is now attacking her grandchildren and my children. She wants the culprits brought to book. When she was on her death bed at Mutambara Mission Hospital following her poisoning, she confided in us the names of the people who had administered the poison on her. Even the medical doctor confirmed that she had been poisoned.

“When she disclosed the issue to us, we never took her serious thinking that it was the usual bad blood between a mother-in-law and her daughters-in-law,” said Tizai Muzuzu.

It is alleged that Nzara then was having marital problems with her husband, Darlington Zuvarigere which resulted in frequent fights between them.

“As a result of the assaults, Nzara allegedly teamed up with Chisara and other unidentified women and poisoned my mother. After her burial, we consulted a traditional healer who confirmed the allegations against the two daughters-in-law and their accomplices.

“Nzara confessed her involvement in the issue and pleaded for forgiveness. She even paid an admission of guilty fine at Chief Muusha’s court.

“However, while we waited for the deceased’s spirit to make its appeasement demands, my brother, Darlington fled to South Africa with his wife and has never set foot here,” narrated Muzuzu’s other son, Ireland Zuvarigere.

Some members of the witchcraft coven that allegedly killed Panganai have since died at the hands of the avenging spirit.

Only her two daughters-in-law are still alive.

Zuvarigere said this has caused severe misfortunes in the family as his late mother’s spirit was demanding justice.

Tizai and Zuvarigere’s minor daughters are suffering from mental illnesses, while Aleck Zuvarigere said his son died mysteriously.

“We tried to engage lawyers so that the matter can be dealt with by the police. We wanted Sibusisiwe Nzara to be extradited from South Africa and face justice here.

“However, we ended up dropping the case after failing to pay the lawyers. We do not know what to do. We do not know if the Government can help with her extradition because we need a closure to this issue, otherwise the whole family will perish,” said Zuvarigere.

The family claimed that Darlington and his wife refused to play ball, leaving his brothers and their families in a quandary.

Efforts to get comments from Darlington and his wife from their South Africa base were fruitless.

– Manica Post

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