SO SAD: Man goes mad and dies after being initiated into ‘manjuzu’ cult


Man dies as ‘manjuzu’ initiation goes awry

RELATIVES of a Kadoma man, who was found dead on the outskirts of Rimuka, claim the deceased was killed to conceal a manjuzu cult initiation pmermarocess which went awry.

Blessing Karidza (26) was found dead on December 20 after he had disappeared for four days.

The late Blessing, better known as Bhovha, is said to have approached two Rimuka women, seeking advice on a new business venture he intended to embark on.

“He was then lured into rituals,” said his sister Nomsa.

“Bhovha took me to (Vee) Gavi and we later went to Gogo Hungwe and we were taken by a kombi to a bush on the outskirts of Rimuka, where it was said Bhovha would be cleansed with milk, while sitting on a white cloth.

“I asked the reason behind the cleansing ceremony and Gogo Hungwe said Bhovha had a spirit, which was hovering over him, which was making him poor and it had to be cast away.”

Gavi gave her side of the story.

“I took him to Gogo Hungwe for further rituals since she was more experienced than me,” she said.

“Gogo Hungwe advised him to buy a piece of white cloth and snuff to be used in the rituals.

“We then took him for a cleansing ceremony, with his brother, where he was to be cleansed with milk.

“The process went well and one day I later heard that Bhovha had become mentally disturbed and was now being violent.

“Bhovha was not initiated into any weird ritual but he had problems within the family, but the family did not know how to handle it, so Bhovha took it upon himself to solve these problems and what happened is not our fault,” said Gavi.

Gogo Hungwe said they performed a cleansing ceremony on Blessing, after Gavi had brought him asking for advice, on how to embark on a gold business venture.

“Bhovha came to me accompanied by Vee Gavi and it was said that his car wash project was not being viable so he was now turning into a gold business venture.

“Three weeks later Gavi called me around midnight saying that Bhovha was being assaulted by his brother, and being accused of taking a fortune-making charm, and that they were coming to my place so that he can hand over the charm back to me.

“Vaiti hanzi takamurombesa nejira iro raainge akufuga kana akarara, asi inini handina zvandakamuita. Hamheno kwaGavi ndokwaairairwa mafambiro ekuti azoita mari, ini ndingori svikiro chete,” said Gogo Hungwe.

– HMetro

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