Latest on hairdresser who jumped to death from 13th floor in Harare


Latest on hairdresser who jumped to death from 13th floor in HarareA middle aged woman allegedly jumped from Trafalgar Court's 13th floor before crashing to death on the concrete slab yesterday afternoon.

Brenda, a 25-year-old Mbare hairdresser, allegedly committed suicide amid revelations that she was having problems with her lover Dyvon Takawira Musona (40) who resides at the flat.

Police have confirmed the death of Brenda Chinguwo in a suspected suicide case which is being investigated.

"It is being alleged that she jumped from the flat into the balcony and when her lover tried to restrain her that's when she is said to have jumped to the ground," said Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda.

After the incident, police details picked up some of her remains that had been strewn all over the area following the horrific jump. One of Takawira's neighbours and would fight most of the time.

"Their relationship was something else. You would know that she was around because they would fight with pots and other kitchen utensils. Takawira divorced his first wife and he had a child with this woman. I really don't know what really stirred this latest argument that led to her death but what I know is that they would always fight," said the neighbour.

Takawira revealed that they were no longer staying together.

"We had our ups and downs and were not staying together any more. I had discussed with her that our relationship was not working and had advised that we end it. As I was packing her clothes she threw herself onto the balcony and when I tried to stop her that's when she jumped. I didn't think she could kill herself over me and I'm still in shock. She was my wife, we have a daughter together and we would have altercations, but I did not know it would end like this," he said.

Another resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said Takawira had gone to pick Brenda at her place in Mbare and had seen them arriving together in the morning.

"Brenda was based in Mbare and I saw them in the morning arriving at the flat. I then heard them quarrelling as Brenda wanted to commit suicide. Takawira tried to hold her from jumping down and they nearly fell down together. She tried several times to jump to death and she eventually did so," she said.

The mole said the death could have been predetermined after Brenda allegedly told one of her clients that she would plait her hair for the last time. Brenda is said to have sent her aunt a message saying goodbye just before her death.

Another source said Brenda would only come to Takawira's flat when Takawira's  first wife would be absent. He also revealed that Takawira is a vendor in Mbare.

"When they were staying together they would fight most of the times. She moved out and started renting a house in Mbare, but would come very often when the other woman was not around. They came together from Mbare where he is a vendor and went into the room and I understand she wanted clothes she bought for him when she went to South Africa. They quarrelled for a few minutes and the next thing I heard was her screaming and a thud following the impact on the ground."

Her family members wept uncontrollably at the scene.

"Shuwa ndozvaamutorera here kuti azomuurayira pano," one of the family members said as she wept.

Some people manning the flat said they were no longer comfortable working around that area adding that they believed the place was haunted.

"A lot of mysterious things have happened at this flat ever since I started working here. If I had it my way I could have moved to another workplace," said one of the council workers.

Before taking the fatal plunge, Brenda is alleged to have sent a text message to her mother saying “goodbye”.
She leaves behind a six-year-old daughter.

Several people have jumped to death from the flat which is located along Julius Nyerere Way.

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