Mayhem as baboons raid house and get away with pot containing chicken meat


A TROOP of baboons is disturbing the peace of Pumula South suburb residents in Bulawayo where they are said to be damaging rooftops, opening windows and plundering anything that is inside.

The most affected residents are those who stay in the Ashy’s Venture area. The baboons are seen on rooftops jumping from house-to-house in search of food. If they find windows and doors open, they steal food in the houses and run away.

“I found a pot full of chicken missing after I left the kitchen to attend to the crying baby in the sitting room. I looked all over but failed to locate it.

The pot was seen falling empty from my neighbour’s rooftop the next day,” said one of the residents who slept with an empty stomach after the baboons stole the meat in her house.

Some of the residents have been exposed to starving because they used to sell mangoes from their trees to earn a living but the mangoes are now harvested by the baboons.

Their presence in the residential area is caused by quarry mining taking place between Tshisa forest and Lizzy plot. The baboons are running away from the explosions and noise.

Tinashe Farawo, ZimParks’ head of communication advised residents to stop feeding the baboons and not to throw away food in bins.

“The problem is all over the country and hence they should report the matter in our office so that we take action,” said Farawo.

– BMetro

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