Man tormented after being given a hand of a baboon by powerful sangoma during money-making rituals

File pic: Sangoma performing rituals

A father’s attempt to get rich through supernatural means has come back to haunt him as the hand of a baboon that he had been given by a powerful inyanga is now tormenting him and his children.

This inadvertently came out after the daughters of the North End suburb man had approached a prophet, Madzibaba Ian Andiriya of Johane Masowe Chishanhu Nketa 6, to save their collapsing marriages.

When Madzibaba Ian visited the man’s daughters at their family home to exorcise the spirit of anti-marriage, he was surprised when the provoked spirit entered one of the daughter’s and spoke through her.

It told Madzibaba Ian that it had found a home at the man’s house after he had consulted an inyanga who had given him the hand of a baboon for luck, but instead of blessing the man with riches, the hand was taking away his happiness and that of his children whose marriages were on the brink of ending.

The spirit revealed where the father had hidden the baboon’s hand. The hand had grown bigger and fresher since the man had acquired it — it seems it was feeding on the misery of the family! This happened on 4 January 2022.

“The children of the man consulted me because they wanted me to put end to their suffering as they were having serious but unexplainable problems with their husbands. So, I went with them to their home to cleanse their house.

“I would like to thank the family for inviting me because this hand was going to destroy their children’s marriage lives and later on kill them.

“Above all, I want to thank God because I managed to kill the spirit hand, though it was hard to destroy as it had become very powerful but nothing can defeat God’s power so I killed it,” Madzibaba Andiriya said.

– BMetro

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