Girl (16) runs away after stepdad tormented her, fracas as mum takes her to gogo for virg!nity tests


A 16-year-old girl ran away from her home and sought refuge from a 20-year-old neighbour who ended up pimping the girl for her own benefit.

It is said that she kept the teenager in her house and influenced her to have se_xual intercourse with different males with the money being paid to her.

She was once seen having an argument with a man after that man refused to pay the money which they had agreed on for sleeping with the girl.

“Give me my money, you failed to handle a 16-year-old to do what you like and you are now telling me that you can’t give me my money because the girl refused to sleep with you, pay me my money as we agreed,” a close neighbour quoted the neighbour as having said.

This came to light when the mother heard rumours about what was happening to her daughter and on one of the days when she met her daughter, she took her to her grandmother for a virgi_nity test and found out that she was no longer a virgi_n.

The daughter did not tell her mother why she kept running away from home.

They tried a lot to ask her to share her problem on the reason she runs away from home and she said nothing.

She again ran away from home and went back to hide at the neighbour’s house.

Her mother came and started shouting, threatening to report the matter to the police.

The neighbour responded: “Your daughter is the one who keeps coming here willingly so do not put the blame on me”.

When the grandmother of the girl continuously asked her that is when the teen revealed to her grandmother that her stepfather always grabbed her butt0cks and that it was hard for her to tell her mother because she did not want to separate them and also, she did not have tangible proof which is why she decided to keep quiet and just leave the house.

Meanwhile, the mother of the girl said her daughter was now back home.

“This thing pains me a lot because it has already destroyed the future of my daughter. This is something she will never forget her whole life.

I will take her to the clinic for a check-up soon to know her health status,” she said.

– BMetro

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