JUST IN: Zanu PF youths strongly warn Temba Mliswa to stop faking loyalty to President Mnangagwa


THE Zimbabwe Action Youth Platform (ZAYP) has challenged “serial political turncoat” Temba Mliswa to stop meddling in Zanu PF affairs and feigning loyalty to President Mnangagwa when he is surreptitiously working with political rejects to destabilise the ruling party.

The ruling party-affiliated youth group castigated the Norton independent legislator for his antics when at one point he claims to support the President while at the same time he hobnobs with political outcasts like Saviour Kasukuwere.

ZAYP chairperson Tonderai Chidawa said at a press conference today that while Zanu PF was open to criticism, Mliswa was using the wrong platforms to air his views.

“There is nothing remarkable, inspiring or worth emulating in the life of a serial political turncoat in the mould of Mliswa. We are taken aback by Mliswa’s posturing where he is all over the place; one moment he projects himself as a member of the ruling party and the next minute he is attacking the same. This is not to mean that Zanu PF does not tolerate constructive criticism, but social media is the wrong platform to air our grievances and all cadres of the party know this.

“We challenge Mliswa to come out in the open on where his exact loyalties lie. There must be an end to his running around like a headless chicken and divisive habits,” said Chidawa.

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Chidawa chided Mliswa for his contemptuous attacks on the Zanu PF leadership when he is not even a member of the revolutionary party.

“Our further dismay stems from the fact that Mliswa’s unstrained vitriol against the ruling party reeks of contempt of the party’s leadership as well as its multitudes of followers who have embraced the ongoing developmental programmes and projects which have become the hallmark of the Second Republic.

“While Mliswa is free to air his views as is the norm in a democracy such as ours, we urge him to desist from dabbling in the internal affairs of Zanu PF. He is not a member of the revolutionary party and is the antithesis of our ideological construct.

“We are fully aware of the objective of Mliswa in feigning loyalty and support for President Mnangagwa while at the same time attacking everyone else around the President. One cannot claim to support President Mnangagwa while supping with unrepentant schemers whose life goal is to topple the President. One cannot claim to be in support of President Mnangagwa and then attack every appointment made by the same President Mnangagwa,” said Chidawa.

Recently, Mliswa was cosying with G40 pariahs such as Kasukuwere, a member of the ostracised factionalist gang that unsuccessfully tried in 2017 to usurp power.

“His alignment with fellow rejects and outcasts like Kasukuwere and Killer Zivhu points to a sinister agenda whose intentions are not difficult to trace – Mliswa wants to be a kingmaker in Kasukuwere’s canard that he can lead Zanu PF. The ‘unindependent’ legislator clearly suffers from a delusional sense of grandeur when in reality, he is nothing but a trifling annoyance.”

In a strongly-worded statement, Chidawa also appealed to President Mnangagwa to get rid of “rotten people” working at the Zanu PF headquarters.

“Your Excellency President Mnangagwa with your indulgence as the vanguards of the party, it is our appeal that all the rotten people at the Zanu PF Party Headquarters be urgently relieved of their party posts for dishonesty and disloyalty to yourself and the revolutionary party, These same sellouts are the authors of the chaos in the provincial elections. They are people at Zanu PF headquarters who are working with the G40 cabal to make sure that you lose the next election.

“We are going to be naming and shaming them soon, and we are also going to name and shame their paymasters,” he said.

– Herald

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