Stonyeni-loving man in hot soup for having a s3xual relationship with his son’s wife

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A Rusape man was last week fined five cattle by a traditional court for having a se_xual relationship with his son’s wife.

Isaac Marova of Masvosva Village appeared before Chief Makoni’s court for allegedly sleeping with his daughter-in-law on several occasions before the affair was recently exposed.

The two reportedly dated for about three months before the affair was exposed. They hid their incestuous relationship by using secret cellphone lines for communication.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed in court, has since left her husband, Bartholomew Marova.

The relationship came to light after Bartholomew discovered some romantic messages his wife had sent and received from his father. He told the court:

“I started suspecting that my wife was up to something because I would come across deleted messages on her phone.

“She was using a number I didn’t know and again texting a number that I didn’t know at that time.

“I later saw some romantic messages on my wife’s phone from the same number.

“I later discovered that the other number was my father’s. I confronted him, but he flatly denied dating my wife.”

Isaac denied ever dating his daughter-in-law and refuted communicating with her through the phone.

When Chief Makoni ordered the parties to retrieve their phone records from the local network service provider, Econet Wireless, Isaac said he had no problem with it.

However, when Marova’s phone records were presented before the court, it showed that he texted and called his daughter-in-law daily between October 2021 to January 2022.

He later admitted to dating his son’s wife, saying “I have nothing to say. I am sorry for what happened”.

Chief Makoni castigated Isaac for his wayward behaviour and ordered him to pay a fine.

He was fined five cattle, of which three will go to his son and two to the chief’s court.

– Manica Post

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