Roki is a lovely man, he reminds me of my dad: Andy Brown's daughter Ammara says


Roki is a lovely man, he reminds me of my dad: Andy Brown's daughter Ammara says Ammara Brown says her relationship with Roki is real and not a publicity stunt.

"I have never created a publicity stunt. Everything you have seen blow up in the media are just pieces of my life ripped out, and sensationalized for people's entertainment. I wore a spiked bra to the hip hop awards because I thought it was dope, big deal. I danced with D'banj because the stage is my home; big deal.  Jah Prayzah and I are good friends; big deal. I googled a beautiful piece of artwork, just for a Sample on my Soundcloud page; big deal, again. I got Zim-punked in the most disgusting fashion, 'I am an attention seeker' they said, but the truth is I am simply living my life," she told Zimbojam.

"I have known Roki for more than 11 years. He is a lovely person actually and reminds me of my dad. This is a real relationship and I haven't had a public relationship in five years and I didn't intend on starting now. I usually don't explain myself because it's always too late. A rumour is just that, speculation and exploitation is that. This marriage story has stained my brand, and worse?! We had to explain and attempt to justify, this mess to our families, while we sat in our disdain for the lows of celebrity status."

"Marriage is a sanctuary, how could I possibly announce it via a tabloid, or even stir the idea? I am not that tacky but unfortunately the public is consistently led to believe that I am. I am a professional artist, and I realise popularity is inevitable but I did not sign up to be portrayed a fame whore," said Ammara, a 'single mother'.

Interestingly, if Ammara and Roki are to have a child, then Ammara would have been Roki's SIXTH KNOWN woman to be Roki's baby mama.

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