7 Zimbabwe's false prophets named: they pay prostitutes to fake prophecies


A 40-year-old self-confessed prostitute is alleged to be an agent of false prophets who are paying people to confirm their false prophets in a bid to increase the numbers at their churches.

About seven prophets leading Johane Masowe eChishanu Yenguwo Tsvuku are alleged to be paying US$10 to US$20 to desperate people, some of whom would undress during their church services after confirming that they are prostitutes or witches.

Bookings for those who want to be paid for false prophecies (they call dramming) are done every Thursday at House Number 285-67th Street in Engineering, Highfield.

The prophets at the centre of hiring people to confirm their false prophecies are Madzibaba Simba Nengomasha, Madzibaba Bule (real name Blessed Venda) of Kuwadzana, Madzibaba Enoch of Budiriro 5, Madzibaba Magirazi (real name Spenlodge Madenyika) of Lusaka, Madzibaba Gashby (real name Daniel Kwaramba) and Madzibaba Biology (real name Lucky Chikundu) of Takashinga shrine at Machipisa, Highfield.

Reporters on Sunday tracked the booked people and witnessed a couple identified as Mai and Baba Godie of House No. 270-67th Street in Engineering, Highfield, being dispatched to Kuwadzana shrine, another woman with a child on her back to Mabvuku and those who were still waiting to be dispatched to Hatcliff.

Among the women was a heavily pregnant Mai Matema who the prophets are refusing to engage after she has been recognised by many shrines she visited for ‘dramming’, revealed our source.

Two sisters, Angela and Cynthia Mateyu of Highfield are reported to have been led to St Martins, opposite Sunningdale, whereAngela falsely confirmed cheating with Cynthia’s husband before the congregation. The agent Selina Sachinda popularly known as Rasta or Dread confirmed this to our news crew after a visit at her ‘command centre’ where the booked were waiting to be dispatched to various shrines.

“I am a single lady and if you check in my house you will discover that I do not have a husband. So if you are willing you can be my boyfriend as long as you give me cash. I am aware that people are jealous of my success after I bought a new kitchen unit and my glass table that is why they are exposing my deals. What I am looking for is money and it is unfair to expose me leaving those prophets who are demanding people to come to their shrines,” she said.

“I want to believe that one of my boyfriends, for I have many of them, who visits me here for sex is the one who is exposing me like this, if it is not my neighbours. Of course I am in love with one of the prophets you mentioned but I cannot disclose his name because he is a family man,” said Selina.

Impeccable sources said Selina started this after she fell in love with Madzibaba Simba and last week she celebrated her 40th birthday with the people being used to cement their relationship.

“As I have told you that I’m a prostitute, I am in love with one of the prophets you mentioned and he is the one who introduced me to other prophets. I am not a church member of any apostolic church. I visit prophets for prayers so that I get more sexual clients who support me. My children are now based in South Africa and they send money once in a while,” she said.

“My birthday celebration was attended by some of these women who are now my friends and we were discussing different issues since they are facing problems,” she added.

Reporters visited Madzibaba Biology at his shrine at Takashinga where  he confirmed knowing Selinda before denying the allegations and blaming his colleagues.

“I know Selinda and she is in love with one of the prophets and those are the ones doing that business. I am not doing that. I am aware of the prophets paying even journalists from print and electronic media for positive publicity. Some of these prophets even approached Beverly Sibanda to give false testimony that she had sex with prophet Magaya,” he said.

“They are looking for better paying clients and some of them charge US$40 to visit Chihota where US410 is enough for transport and I want to believe these are the ones leading to such allegations. At one time I was confronted by one of the prophets who operates here in Highfield accusing me and Madzibaba Magirazi of visiting media houses since he was the first to have done so.

“I was accompanying Madzibaba Magirazi who wanted publicity on how he had delivered a woman who had ‘problems’. I beg you not to publish me because ‘Holy Spirit’ has denied me publication,” claimed Madzibaba Biology.

Madzibaba Simba said he came to know Selina after she brought goods for him from South Africa when she was a cross border.

“Selina might be saying that but I am not in love with her and I knew her as a cross border trader and she used to bring goods for me from South Africa. I heard that there are some people being paid to ‘dram’ and I am not part of them since my congregation numbers rose to 2,000 in Chitungwiza. At my shrine there are soldiers, police officers, CID and CIO officers, lawyers and so on so I am not scared of what my detractors are trying to do,” he claimed.

Madzibaba Bule could not deny nor confirm knowledge of the people being paid to fake prophecies.

“I will come back to you my dear but on Sunday I conducted prayers at five different shrines including the Kuwadzana shrine you are talking about,” he said.

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