NGOZI: Fracas as man who killed his best friend and faked a drowning incident 18 years ago confesses

Naume Saunyama and other villagers during court session

A Nyanga man who was being accused of killing his best friend 18 years ago and faking a drowning incident to conceal the crime has now confessed and will have to appease the avenging spirit with seven cattle as prescribed by the law.

However, the avenging spirit was demanding 14 herd of cattle as appeasement.

Steven Dodzo killed the late Armandos Nyamundanda in 2004 after allegedly conniving with his friends, Naume Saunyama and Garikai Masimo.

However, Saunyama and Masimo have maintained that their hands are clean, with Saunyama going further to accuse the Zimbabwe National Healers Association (ZINATHA) healers who were consulted on the matter of lying.

“This avenging spirit has been making these accusations for a long time, yet I do not know anything regarding Nyamundanda’s death. These are all lies, I am starting to think that all this is stage managed. This spirit should allow me to live peacefully,” she said.

Infuriated by this, the late Nyamundanda’s spirit threatened to deal with her.

ZINATHA traditional healers Sekuru Darare, Mbuya Machiri, Sekuru Mutizwa, Sekuru Nyereurombo, Sekuru Chandakabva, Mbuya Mapuranga and Mbuya Shumba; teamed up with two Nyanga traditional healers, Sekuru Shingirayi Mukotsanjera and Sekuru Chiro, to expose Dodzo.

In his confession, Dodzo said sometime in 2004, he was drinking beer with his friends, including Nyamundanda, at Nyatate Business Centre until they were heavily intoxicated.

Dodzo said they took advantage of Nyamundanda’s drunkenness to kill him.

“Naume (Saunyama) is denying her involvement, but she is the one who sent me to kill Nyamundanda because her brothers were businessmen and wanted human body parts to enhance their businesses. They owned buses that plied the Nyanga-Nyatate route, but the business has since collapsed.

“After harvesting the parts that we wanted for the rituals, we thought it was best to dump him in the river and it worked for a while until he started tormenting me,” confessed Dodzo.

Hundreds of people who were gathered to hear him confess were left speechless as he described how he committed the crime.

Nyamundanda’s spirit confirmed: “After they killed me, they stripped me nak_ed and threw me in the water to feign drowning. I want the clothes that I should have been wearing when my body was dumped and the towel and soap I should have used to bath that day.”

Dodzo was therefore also intsructed to buy new clothes and toiletries for the late Nyamundanda.

He will also buy a cock and a he-goat as part of appeasing the late Nyamundanda, as well as a beast for acting Chief Saunyama’s court.

According to tradition, the animals used as appeasement signify Nyamundanda’s manhood.

In Zimbabwe, it is illegal to use girls as appeasement for avenging spirits.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Norbert Muzondo said the case is yet to be brought to their attention.

“I think the case was being dealt with under the Traditional Leaders Act as it is involving the issue of an avenging spirit. However, if this person is confessing that they committed the murder, the deceased’s relatives should approach the nearest police station so that the police can reconcile these new developments with what was on record when the matter was initially investigated.

“Police will also interview the suspect. We need evidence that links the accused person to the commissioning of the offence,” said Inspector Muzondo.

— Manica Post

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