7 people + Brenda Chinguwo committed suicide at Trafalgar Court, hubby has 3rd wife


7 people + Brenda Chinguwo committed suicide at Trafalgar Court, hubby has 3rd wife A few days after a 25-year-old mother of one and hairdresser, Brenda Chinguwo, committed suicide in a city building by throwing herself from the 13th floor, residents of Trafalgar Court say they believe the place is haunted as several similar incidents have happened before.

The residents are convinced there are certainly some spooky mysteries at play. After a woman threw herself from the building’s 13th floor, there seems to be a strong conviction that some spiritual upheaval is at play.

Some who spoke to the news crew related previous incidences which they have witnessed at the high rise residential building.

Two years ago, a child fell off the stairs and died. Another women reportedly burnt herself to death at Trafalgar Court a few years ago. A year ago, a Chitungwiza woman is said to have come all the way to commit suicide at the place.

These are not the only incidents as others claim that in the last five years, seven suicides have been witnessed. There are even suggestions for some cleansing ceremony, be it from a cultural or contemporary perspective.

Perhaps from the residents of Trafalgar’s comments, there certainly could be some blood crying out for revenge but sadly at a time, the blood of the latest victim is still visible in the yard.

Meanwhile, Brenda’s close friends say that she took her life out of frustration because her 40 year old husband had stopped taking care of her neglecting her for a younger wife. Brenda and her ‘husband’, Dyvon Takawira Masona, who admitted that he had not paid a single cent to Brenda’s parents as lobola, however, had a child together aged six.

This implies that Brenda gave birth when she was 19 years old, and further reports allege that Mr Musona had divorced his wife when he fell in love with Brenda who was 18 years old then. As history will always repeat itself, Brenda is said to have opted for committing suicide because the same man who impregnated her when she was still a ‘sweet 18’, is allegedly now dating another young girl.

Musona is in fact said to have even advised Brenda that they should divorce, the same words he reportedly told his first wife when he fell in love with Brenda 7 years ago. Sources have actually claimed that Musona had begun co-habiting with the new ‘wife’ who he reportedly had also not paid lobola for.

Musona said his inlaws had not demanded anything from him despite the fact that he had not paid lobola.

“There are several issues which need to be resolved with her family, but assistance is coming from my

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