Mbinga now sleeping in night clubs after being tormented by his goblins at his home

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BLABBER wanted to devote acres of space to this other juicy one involving this other very tall guy who is widely known for his love of this popular game of precision played in various watering holes and public spaces.

I mean this other dark guy whose height is appropriate for a basketball star.

Over the years, the boy made so many friends around the city owing to his undying passion for this game whose popularity is fast growing, not only in our beautiful city, but countrywide.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that he is hardly sleeping at home and is always the last man standing in different beer-halls.

While l thought that sleeping out was due to his love for this exciting game, Yours Truly recently learnt that home is not so homely for him because of the supernatural paraphernalia he possesses.

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But now that he is sleeping in bars and night clubs, something is in serious short supply at home.

No wonder he caught his second wife pants down.

Anyway, that is a story for another day.

This week, Yours Truly is more concerned with how this other well-known businessman has been managing his empire.

It appears like things are falling apart.

Unless Blabber is seeing things from the wrong viewpoint, this uncultured businessman seems to have lost most of the properties he owned around the city.

Blabber shall not talk about that other vast shopping mall which he rented out to this other popular wholesaler before the building was taken away from him because of unpaid debts.

He was only given a trendy vehicle as change.

The vehicle, Blabber understands, has since been sold to this other well-known legal practitioner.

While Yours Truly thought he owned that other building on our way to a hood located near a cemetery, Blabber has been made to understand that the old bloke only owned the business, not the building.

Yours Truly is aware that the bare-skinned businessman, who rose to fame and fortune partly because of his questionable se_xual orientation, is now staying in some remote parts of this other resort area where he is into artisanal gold mining.

Can someone tell Yours Truly whether things are really going on well for this old man?

Yours Truly, being Yours Truly, will certainly find convincing answers to this question and in our next instalment, Blabber will give an account of whether things are rosy for him.

Perhaps his well-known sexual shenanigans are coming back to haunt him.

Dear reader, you will be the first to get the detailed account of his shenanigans, both within the family and in the community.

You will also get first hand information on the state of his finances.

Just watch this space!

— Manica Post

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