All prophets who claim to be using the Holy Spirit are LIARS: Source of all prophets’ power revealed


A JOHANE Masowe yeChishanu prophetess has SENSATIONALLY claimed that all prophets, who claim to be using the Holy Spirit, are a bunch of LIARS.

Gogo Miriam has been a prophetess for 30 years.

The 62-year-old says she has been using the power of spirit mediums.

She revealed that she has since dumped her white garments, in exchange of black clothes, spears and knobkerries.

She claims a male spirit medium was now possessing her. She has been prophesying for the past 30 years and claims her ancestors’ spirit has been helping her.

“I have come to understand that all those prophets who claim to be using the Holy Spirit have been lying to people about their source of power,” said Gogo Miriam.

“Vanoporofita vese vanoshanda nemudzimu wenzinza rake iwoyo ndiwo unesimba rekuita mabasa avanoita kwete zvekuti mweya mutsvene, masvikiro ayo.

“Whenever I was used to give prophecies, I would shake the whole of my body and would give accurate prophecies and when the night came, I would be ordered to leave the white garments.

“This is not my first time to dump these white garments.

“I burnt several white garments but I endured to remain a member of Johane Masowe yeChishanu when the spirits wanted me to conduct traditional duties.

“I attended a number of church denominations and on many occasions I would leave after exposing evil things which were being done either by the leaders or whoever would come before me for prayers,” she said.

Gogo Miriam lost her husband in 2010 and the couple had not yet been blessed with a child.

She has lost feelings for marriage and is now fighting her relatives who are after taking over her house in Hatcliffe.

“I lost my loving husband and I no longer have intentions of marrying anyone till death,” she said.

“I just suffered one miscarriage in my marriage and I never gave birth to a child and I have lost hope of having children.

“The spirit medium possessing me had some challenges with my late husband since it takes se_xual intercourse as an abomination. I never had se_xual intercourse with my late husband on every Thursday of the week for the years we stayed together.

“The day was dedicated to prayers.

“I have escaped death and reported assault cases involving some of my relatives, who want to take over my property, because I do not have a child.

“Varipowo vamwe varume vanzwa nekundipfimba vachida kuita malandlord saka izvozvo ndiro dambudziko rangu guru randirikuda kuti ndibatsirwe kuti ndirikunde,” said Gogo Miriam.

— HMetro

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