‘People die young in our family, 3 members are suffering from mental illnesses, we need help’

Fungai Mukaronda

In a suspected case of spiritual attacks, three members of a Marange family are suffering from a mysterious mental illnesses.

It is said that 87-year-old Gogo Sekai Mukaronda has 10 grandchildren under her care, including three who are mentally unstable.

The Mukaronda family in Mafararikwa Village under Chief Marange believes that the illness is being caused by the actions of the late Mandunga Mukaronda who died in 1989.

Aggrieved family members accuse one of Mandunga’s sons, Fungai Mukaronda, of inheriting the spirits.

The family, represented by Tafadzwa, Tugwe and John Mukaronda, recently approached Chief Marange in an effort to resolve the issue.

They trio wanted their brother, Fungai, to be summoned to the court so that he could be ordered to join the family in consulting traditional and faith healers to find a lasting solution to the family’s problems.

Fungai, however, has refused to appear before the chief’s court on three occasions.

Chief Marange had to send his aides to drag Fungai to appear before his court. However, they failed to locate him as he is now based in Mutare.

In an interview with the Weekender at The Manica Post offices, Fungai said he is a Christian and consulting traditional healers is against his beliefs.

He vowed never to appear before Chief Marange’s court again.

“I do not stay there. I stay in Mutare and will only appear before the civil court. In fact, I have a standing protection order against John. He once viciously assaulted me some years ago while forcing me to confess that I am a wizard. I am not a wizard. I am no longer in Chief Marange’s area and cannot appear before his court.

“I am also in the process of suing all those who are tarnishing my image and defaming me. I will not be forced to go to traditional healers, never. I am a Christian. If they continue pestering me, I will seek legal recourse because they are soiling my good standing in the society,” said Fungai.

He also dismissed allegations that his octogenarian mother is looking after three mentally challenged family members.

“It is a fact that my two sisters and my brother’s son are mentally ill, but they are not being looked after by my mother. She is only looking after one of my sisters,” he said.

He said the mental illnesses in the family started in 1972 with his elder sister.

“It happened when I was only 10 and everyone knows about it. Why would my brothers tarnish my image when they know that these things started when I was still a little boy?” he fumed.

In an interview, Tafadzwa said more than 20 family members have died because of the blood thirsty spirits, adding that the family has been conducting strong prayers to keep the spirits at bay.

Another family member, John, said people in the family see mysterious beings in broad daylight.

He begged his family members to join hands to ensure that sanity prevails.

“Mysterious illnesses are affecting our family. It is just chaotic. If nothing is done, we will all perish,” he said.

Another family member, Anne Mukaronda, said most female family members are single.

“At one time, Gogo Sekai had an encounter with a white snake which spit on her face and disappeared. I honestly do not know who is causing all this, but it is scary. We cannot endure this suffering any longer.

“I am the only married female member in the family as I am a prayer warrior. If you stand strong and challenge other family members you will be considered a traitor and will face the consequences. That is the dilemma we are in.

“In our family, people die young. Most die in road traffic accidents or after suffering from mental illness. We have been searching for solutions, but it is not working. We need help,” she said.

The matter will appear again before Chief Marange’s court once Fungai has been located.

— Manica Post

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