Chaos at hotel as sugamama (42) receives the beating of her life after dumping Ben 10 lover (27)

Blessed Tawanda Nyandoro and Deria Zimbodza

A HARARE lawyer assaulted a married woman, whom he snatched from a local businessman, after she proposed to end their illicit affair.

Deria Zimbodza (42) confirmed to H-Metro she was assaulted by Blessed Tawanda Nyandoro (27) at a local hotel along Samora Machel Avenue in central Harare.

She claims she had told him about her plans to end their relationship.

Nyandoro threatened Zimbodza with more unspecified action, after the assault, and the incident attracted the attention of diners and waiters at the hotel.

The fracas ended at Harare Central Police Station where the two received counselling.

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Nyandoro confirmed exchanging blows with Zimbodza in a hotel room.

He also confirmed their illicit affair.

Zimbodza is yet to annul her marriage with Pedzisai Zimbodza.

She told H-Metro:

“I have lost feelings for Tawanda because he has been abusing me since the time I separated from my husband.

“On Friday, he invited me to a hotel where he went on to accuse me of bedding several men and accused my husband of making him sick.

“I told him that I had lost feelings for him and he assaulted me and the incident attracted hotel security and waiters.

“We ended up receiving counselling at Harare Central Police Station.

“I have been by his side and visited him when he was admitted at a local hospital.

“We have been together since then and I later discovered that he has not been truthful about his age as well.

“Tawanda introduced me to his mother and she disclosed that Tawanda is 27-years-old, not 35, as he told me sometime back.

“He had been staying with one of his old lovers at an apartment in town that we used as our se_x haven since the lover stays outside the country.

“Iyezvino akugara kuMufakose.

“Tawanda forced me to change my mobile contacts and he gave me another line registered in his name and he is abusing my Facebook page by sending messages to my friends informing them that he is now married to me.

“He is the one replying to my friends and relatives’ messages and male friends were tormented as he wanted to know how we are related.”

Nyandoro told H-Metro he was the one who was attacked first.

“Deria has never been faithful,” he said.

“She even went to the point of exchanging love messages with one of my friends, using another contact number.

“On the day in question, we were in a room at the hotel where she failed to tell me why she was using another contact line behind my back.

“We had an argument and she was the first to assault me and that attracted hotel security.

“We were taken to another room for counselling and after leaving the hotel she went on to insult me, labelling me a womaniser.

“That did not go well with me and I assaulted her and had to be restrained by one of the passersby.

“We ended up at the police station where we received counselling.

“I do not want her anywhere near me.

“Why is she not focusing more on the wrangles she is having with her ex-husband.

“After cheating on her husband she now wants a greater part of whatever they owned.”

— HMetro

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