High drama as prominent businessman gets caught red-handed having se_x with married woman in car

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F ADULTERY is thrilling until the moment you are busted having se_x in a car with someone’s wife.

Ask Bulawayo businessman Ramutsikabotlalo Mokoena, he will tell you that as much as stolen waters are sweet, being caught drinking from a forbidden fountain comes with much hurt.

Mokoena, who prefers to be called Ramutsi, was found having car se_x with a married woman, Sihle Mlotshwa, by her husband, Sipho Mlotshwa in the wee hours of Monday in Nketa suburb.

And guess where the lovebirds were parked? Just next to Sipho’s house! “Sipho arrived home unexpectedly at around 4am from work.

To his shock when he stepped into the living room, he found their child sleeping on the sofa alone. He checked for his wife but she was not in the house,” said a close source who requested not to be named.

The source said Sipho then decided to go ask his wife’s friend about Sihle’s whereabouts, only to see her being intimate with another man just outside the friend’s gate!

Sipho dragged Ramutsi outside his car and bashed him. Hearing the noise outside, neighbours rushed out to see what was happening.

“They were shocked to find a shameful Ramutsi sitting in the driver’s seat trying to cover his geni_tals. Sihle tried in vain to evade the prying eyes of neighbours by squatting on the foot well and hid her face with a towel,” a neighbour said.

Ramutsi initially pleaded with B-Metro to drop the story: “You know what my bro, the story will totally destroy my marriage and my business. I will do something for you. May I kindly come and meet up with you.”

Pressed on why he slept with Sipho’s wife he said: “I didn’t want to go, but that woman kept on phoning me in the end I had to drive to Nketa suburb and unfortunately we were caught having se_x.”

Later, Ramutsi backtracked and sent this reporter a message on WhatsApp.

“I don’t understand why you have an image of me nak_ed. And to say I was having se_x with someone, where in the picture you sent to me the person, I was having se_x with?

“As a journalist I think you fully know that in Zimbabwe it is illegal to produce, possess or distribute porn0graphic material. How did you come by the photograph you sent to me?”

“I was assaulted, had my property damaged, robbed of my money and clothes in the process and this image is evidence to prove it (sic).”

After sending the message, he blocked this reporter.

Sipho confirmed the incident and said: “He requested to pay a cow for sleeping with my wife. He has since paid me. Now I’m planning on which move to take.”

Efforts to get a comment from Sihle were fruitless as she cut calls.

— BMetro

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