Child abuser Chauraya flees to South Africa? Details of fallout between Munyaradzi & Natalie emerge


THE shocking video allegedly showing controversial Harare dealer, Munyaradzi Chakauraya, shamelessly abusing a two-year-old kid, was only made public after he had BASHED his girlfriend after a spectacular domestic fallout.

Some reports claim the dealer, whose interests range from selling cars to foreign currency deals, has fled the country and has taken temporary refuge in South Africa.

At the weekend, H-Metro was briefed about the fallout between Chakauraya and his estranged girlfriend, Natalie Taruvinga, which resulted in the video being leaked to the father of the two-year-old child, Tawanda.

“The video was shot last month and the mother of the child appeared to be in the same house, in another room, possibly taking a bath, when all of this was happening,” said the sources.

“So, the mother of the child had the video for some time and she kept it for whatever reason, which is shocking.

“She decided to send it to a third party, in this case Tawanda, who is the father of the child, after she had run into some personal problems with Munya.

“Natalie was savagely beaten up by Munya, after a domestic dispute, and she suffered extensive facial injuries, and the images of her face are something you would not want to see on a person because they represent the worst form of abuse.

“She was like someone who had come out of a heavyweight boxing contest in which she had been pummelled throughout the 12 rounds.

“You look at the photographs and you ask yourself why men can be so violent, especially towards women, who are the weaker se_x and are not expected to match the men in terms of brute force.

“The photographs appear to tell us that this was a rough relationship and Natalie was just sticking around, hoping things would change for the better, but things must have come to a head that day when she received a thorough bashing.

“That’s when she decided that enough was enough, even though Munya had paid lobola for her and, in essence, she was now his second wife.

“She could not take it anymore and she must also have got advice from those close to her that she could not keep on tolerating all this.

“That is when she decided to send the video of the child’s father and that’s when everything exploded into the open.

“There is a lot of drama that has been surrounding this relationship and, at one stage, there were even reports that some guys threatened to shoot each other.”

Munyaradzi is accused of being the man in the video, whose face is not visible, who is seen letting the innocent child touch his manhood.

The matter has since been reported as child abuse at Harare Central Police (under case number IR 061650).

Tawanda told H-Metro: “I saw the video of the child being abused, mai vemwana sent me the video.

“I reported the case against Munyaradzi.

“The mother received the video on May 17, from Munyaradzi, and she didn’t alert us about the abuse.

“The video came out after they had an altercation, in which she exposed him by sending the video to me.

“I received the video on Saturday and I immediately reported the matter and, on the day in question, nothing was done,” he said.

However, Chakauraya has a different story to tell.

“I have some tattoos on my thighs, but that’s not my defence.

“I have a wart on my manhood and that’s my defence,” he said.

He also revealed that Taruvinga was his second wife.

“I paid lobola but, after two years of marriage, we started fighting over infidelity issues.

“I received a strange call threatening me that I should leave her alone.

“And, the stranger also told my wife about Natalie, which was not good for me, because I did not want my first wife to know about the marriage,” he said.

“I confirm going to Natalie’s house for the purpose of clarity after she started a fight and damaged my car.

“I have a docket at Central Police Station against Natalie for malicious damage and she also opened a similar docket as the applicant,” said Chakauraya.

— HMetro

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